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A guide to keeping your sex toy batteries in good shape

on August 22, 2022

Most people choose sex toys that are battery-operated. This is because they are more portable and affordable. If you have a battery-operated adult toy, you should also a set of good quality batteries. This is for you to power up your intimate scenes.

However, batteries should be taken care to make them last longer. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know exactly how to do this. To help you out, here is a beginner’s guide on how to keep your batteries in good shape. Read on here.

Ways to keep your sex toy batteries running for years

Below are a few reminders on how to effectively use the batteries for your adult toys.

  • Remove the batteries from the toys when it is not in use. This is vital to extend the life of the battery and the sex toy. Moreover, it can prevent the batteries from draining easily. Apart from that, alkaline batteries are possible to leak and corrode when they are stored inside the sex toy for too long.
  • For those who are searching for a good battery alternative, you can opt for NiMH rechargeable batteries. This type of battery offers a high current that is similar to Alkaline batteries. Furthermore, NiMH batteries are perfect for sex toys since they often last for years.
  • Many people believed that it is fine to keep the batteries in the adult toy when it is running low in power. But actually this is not good for the sex toy. The voltage of the battery keeps the motor of the toy working. Furthermore, when the battery is low and almost drained in power, it puts more pressure on the toy’s components. This can cause the toys to prematurely break. Thus, it is better to use fresh batteries for your toys.
  • If you are looking for a good quality battery, you can invest in Heavy Duty batteries or Zinc Chloride batteries. They are less likely to leak compared to Alkaline batteries. Although this type of battery is a bit expensive, this will keep your sex toy in good shape for a long time.

How to remove the stuck batteries from the sex toy

Some rechargeable batteries are quite larger than the standard disposable ones. Thus, many users complain that their batteries become stuck in the compartment. If this happens, you can follow these tips below. Note that these suggestions can be done at your own risk.

  • Try to pull the batteries out using slim pliers.
  • Wiggle out the batteries using a flat head screw driver or butter knife.
  • Wrap the battery compartment in a plastic bag. Then place the compartment into the freezer for a few hours. Doing this will reduce the swelling of the batteries.
  • If putting them in the freezer won’t work, warm up the battery holder using a hair dryer will allow you to flex it. This can help remove the battery easily.
  • If the battery is still stuck and has already leaked or exploded in the device, don’t attempt to remove it. You must dispose the product properly so that you will not incur chemical burns from the batteries.

How to make your sex toys work properly

A lot of sex toy users, especially beginners often think that their new sex toys are defective when they use it for the first time. But sometimes, the reason why they don’t work is that the batteries were just improperly positioned. Below are some reminders to make sure that your sex toy works properly.

  • Make sure that the batteries are not expired.
  • Check if the battery contacts don’t have any paper or residue. This is to ensure that the battery will work properly.
  • Make sure that all the batteries are inserted correctly.
  • If the toy is not working after inserting the batteries, check if the batteries are in contact. You can also check if the base cap is tight.
  • Some sex toys come with a plastic or paper insert inside its battery compartment. This will make the sex toy work properly. They can also cut down unnecessary noise on your sex toys like the vibrator by separating the battery from its outer casing. If this insert is not installed properly, the battery will rattle against the casing. This will cause a lot of noise and can be bothersome during your erotic scene. Furthermore, inserts can be used as a moisture barrier. It will prevent any moisture from coming in contact with the batteries.
  • Use the right size of batteries for your sex toy. To know which one to use, better check and read the instruction manual of the toy.


Batteries are very important since your battery-operated sex toy will not work without them. Thus, you must know how to take care and keep them in good shape so that you can use your sex toys for a long time. This useful guide can help you to know the basics in using the batteries properly.

If you need battery-operated sex toys for your next erotic encounter, you can check out a trustworthy online sex toy shop. Aside from battery-operated adult toys, they can also supply a wide range of sex toys according to your preference.


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