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A guide in choosing eco-friendly sex toys

on September 17, 2020

With the continuous popularity of sex toys, a lot of people are also using it just to explore and spice up their sex lives. Unfortunately, they don’t realise that it has a great impact on the environment. So when purchasing sex toys, it is vital to shop ethically.

Nowadays, most sex toys that people commonly used are made with plastic and rubber. Unluckily, these materials are not eco-friendly.

Are you now curious about how you can help the earth as you get it on? This blog post will serve as your guide in choosing eco-friendly sex toys. Reading here will also help you to understand what makes a toy eco-friendly.

What makes a toy eco-friendly?

1. It is made of non-toxic materials

Any toxic adult toy inserted into the body is obviously dangerous. But sadly, they exist nowadays. Thus, you must be careful with your choices. To be safe, choose a sex toy that is phthalate-free and a lube that is paraben-free.

Studies show that paraben disrupts hormones and causes cancer. For most women, it affects the mechanisms of the breast cells that can lead to an increased risk for breast cancer. On the other hand, phthalate is also harmful to the environment and to your body. Therefore, you must avoid adult toys that contain those harmful materials.

2. It uses recycled packaging

A company or manufacturer is committed to the environment if their products are packed in recyclable materials. This means that sex toy packaging should not include any plastic or plastic coating. Otherwise, refrain from patronising them to minimise plastic waste.

3. Rechargeable toys are better than battery-operated

Batteries are terrible for the environment. Therefore, you must avoid sex toys that are battery-operated. However, if you want a safer choice, then you must get rechargeable batteries instead of a disposable one.

For power sources, it is recommended to go for solar-powered and rechargeable toys. A good example of a solar-powered toy is the solar bullet vibrator. When you expose this toy to the sun for eight hours, you can use it for at least one hour. It is perfect for on-the-go use. Moreover, it is good for the environment because it doesn’t require batteries or electricity.

4. Avoid plastic sex toys

Plastic shouldn’t be an option when it comes to sex toys. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is thermoplastic material commonly used in sex toys. This material makes the sex toy soft and affordable. Apart from being cheap, they usually contain phthalates. Thus, avoid choosing sex toys that are made from PVC materials to keep you safe.

Furthermore, plastic takes 200 years to break down. So to keep the environment clean and green, people should abstain from using sex toys made from non-biodegradable materials.

5. Avoid one-time use products

Some adult toys are not considered eco-friendly because they are thrown away after one use. A condom is an example of it.

Basically, condoms are made from latex. This material takes forever to degrade. Hence, for a safer condom use, don’t flush condoms or even their wrapper on the toilet.

This doesn’t mean that you are not advised to use a condom. In fact, condom is necessary to keep people sexually safe. But remember that you should be responsible for the proper disposal of this waste to protect the environment.

Eco-friendly sex toys

When purchasing sex toys, the best options are products that are bio-degradable. It is important to consider the materials used. Listed below are some eco-friendly sex toys that you can try.

  • Wooden sex toys

Sex toys made from wood are bio-degradable. Apart from that, they are usually made from sustainable, well-made and long-lasting materials. The most common adult toys made from wood are dildos.

Dildos made from wood are basically safe and simple to use. They are designed through many sessions of sanding. This is to smooth out the sharp edges and rough spots.

To ensure your safety, it is vital to choose the coated one to prevent splinters. Furthermore, coated wooden sex toys are safe to wash with warm water and toy cleaner.

  • Glass sex toys

Aside from wood, glass sex toys are also recyclable. They are usually made from tempered and shatter-proof medical-grade glass. It is also phthalate-free and non-porous. This means that you can use this toy with any type of lubricants. Moreover, the best option if you want to use glass sex toys is silicone-based lube.

Glass sex toys are also a perfect option if you want to experiment with temperature play. This adult toy can be cooled or heated in water baths. However, it is not advisable to put this toy in boiling water or even in the freezer. This is because they could damage your skin and cause burn when you use it.

Like other sex toys, glass sex toys come in a variety of colours, shapes, textures and sizes. In addition, they are undoubtedly one of the easiest to clean sex toys. You can simply clean them by using soap and water or any anti-bacterial toy cleaner.

  • Silicone sex toys

For those who are not comfortable to use glass or wood, then you can choose a body-safe silicone toy. Even if it’s not the perfect option, it can be better than plastic alternatives. This is because high-quality silicones are durable, non-porous, recyclable, and doesn’t poison ocean life.

Use organic lubes

Finding an eco-friendly lubricant is now easy. You just have to pick the one that is made with safe and organic ingredients. Some are also packed in recyclable containers, while others are vegan.

Consider using the natural or water-based lubes. Also, chemical-free and non-toxic lubes are safe to use.


Sex should be fun. This is the reason why some people find ways to explore it by using sex toys. But before using, it is vital to know and understand the material used. This is because some pleasure toys may have an impact on the environment when it is not properly dispose. Hence, to keep the environment clean and green, it is better to use quality and eco-friendly toys.

Fortunately, there are some online adult toy shops that provide more sustainable and natural options. You can use their environmentally-friendly products as you stay sexually satisfied. Feel free to browse a trusted site that will give you a wide range of eco-friendly products.


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