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Beginner's Guide on Different Sex Toy Materials

on May 06, 2019

With so many types of sex toys that are available today, it may be challenging to choose which one will suit your preferences. If it is your first time to purchase or use a sex toy, you may be overwhelmed with the different types of materials that are used in a sex toy.

It is important to understand that each sex toy is made of different materials which serve its own unique purpose. Similarly, each sex toy has specific care instructions, restrictions and even compatibilities with the lubrication.

To better understand this, here is a guide to different sex toy materials.

Silicone Sex Toys

Silicone is known to be one of the best sex toy materials available. Since it is phthalate-free and hypoallergenic, many couples prefer to use this material. Apart from that, silicone can transmit vibrations effectively.

Silicone-made adult toys are smooth, flexible, and nonporous. The non-porous nature of silicone makes it easier to clean and less likely to break down. Moreover, this material warms up quickly and adjusts to body temperature.

  • Care Instructions

Since silicone sex toys are nonporous, it can be sterilised. To clean, you just have to wash it with mild soap or good quality toy cleaner and water.

Toys without mechanical parts can also be soaked in hot water for 5 minutes. Moreover, you should avoid your silicone-made adult toys to contact with other silicone toys.

  • Lubricant Compatibility

The general rule is to never use silicone-based lubricants with silicone toys. It can destroy your toy and can cause breakdown or melting. You can only use a compatible water-based lubricant.

Elastomer Sex Toys

Elastomer sex toys are supple, soft and durable. It is also phthalate-free and hypoallergenic. This material can be an alternative to jelly rubber, vinyl, and plastic since it retains its soft texture and shape.

Furthermore, elastomer is known to be very cost effective. Compared to silicone toys, elastomer is less porous. Thus, it still requires care when cleaning.

  • Care Instructions

You must always wash your toy with warm water and mild soap. Dry it thoroughly before storing. It will be safer to keep them separated from other toys.

  • Lubricant Compatibility

A water-based lubricant is compatible with an elastomer toy.

Glass Sex Toys

Glass adult toys are smooth, firm, nonporous, hypoallergenic, and phthalate-free. Since it is nonporous, you can completely sanitise it.

There are also certain types of higher-grade glass, such as Pyrex. This type can withstand cold, heat and pressure. Apart from that, it will not break from normal use or fall off the bed.

  • Care Instructions

Before using the sex toy, make sure that it is free from any chip, scratch, or cut. It is also a good idea to wrap these toys with something soft before storing them.

When cleaning, you can use an antibacterial soap and water. You can also sterilise them if needed. Since these toys tend to be very slippery when wet, you can only play with them on a soft surface, like a bed or a carpeted floor.

  • Lubricant Compatibility

For glass sex toys, you can use any type of lubricant.

Cyberskin Adult Toys

Cyberskin sex toys are made of soft and supple skin-like material. It is popular for couples due to its amazing flexibility, skin-like texture and flesh-like appearance.

It is more porous than silicone and elastomer. This means that it is also more difficult to clean.

  • Care Instructions and Lubricant Compatibility

To clean your Cyberskin adult toy, use an antibacterial soap and warm water. After drying it, sprinkle some corn starch to keep the toy silky smooth and prevent unwanted stickiness.

Always store your Cyberskin toys in a cool, dry place away from sun heat. Also, only use water-based lubes with this material.

Some manufacturers of Cyberskin sex toys do not share all the ingredients with consumers, saying that it has a secret formula. Thus, there can be a possibility that latex might be included in this material. If you are latex-sensitive, Cyberskin products may not be right for you.

Metal Sex Toys

This material is usually hard and smooth. The most popular metal sex toys are made of stainless steel and aluminium. There is also some luxurious type of metal sex toys which are made of gold and silver.

Both stainless steel and aluminium are completely body-safe and compatible with any type of lubricant. It is also designed to hold their temperature so you can experiment with a series of sensations.

  • Care Instructions

Mild soap and water can be used for cleaning metal sex toys. However, if you need to sterilise this adult toy, you can also boil it. You just have to make sure to put a towel at the bottom of the pot so that the toys will be secured.

Latex rubber Sex Toys

Latex rubber is a common material used for sex toys. It is usually firmer than other types but still bendable. It is also a popular choice for some couples because it is inexpensive.

This material is porous and hard to clean. Thus, if you are highly allergic to latex materials, it is recommended to use condoms.

  • Care Instructions

Use an antibacterial soap and warm water to clean the adult toy. Always keep it in a clean, dry and cool place away from other sex toys.

NOTE: To avoid potential phthalate-containing material, you can consider silicone as the best alternative to latex sex toys. The life span of the toy is another issue with latex material. This material usually lasts 1 to 2 years.


Knowing the different sex toy materials can help you decide which one will suit you.  After all, sex toys are great investment to have a satisfying love-making.

Your choice can also impact your sex life. Aside from that, choosing the suitable one will keep you away from potential health issues such as infection.

Now that you know about toy materials, it's time to think about what type of adult toys you're interested in. You must make sure that you purchase from a trustworthy sex toys online shop to ensure that you only get some high-quality products with hassle free. 


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