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7 reasons to try anal stimulation

on October 22, 2022

Anal sex can be intimidating to many people. In fact, a lot of them are hesitant to try it. Some may be because they are afraid of the pain. Others may also be afraid of the poop and the dirty stuff back there.

For novices, you may probably have a lot of questions. Is anal sex safe? How does it feel? Are there any health benefits of anal stimulation? These are just the common concerns for most people.

For those who are in doubt but still want to give it a shot, here are a few reasons to try anal stimulation. Read on here for more.

1. You can have intense orgasm

The anus is composed of loads of sensitive nerve endings. Some of them are connected to the genitals. When this area is stimulated, it can be extremely sensitive. With that, it is definitely possible to have an intense orgasm during anal play.

For men, anal sex can also be a great way to stimulate the prostate. While for women, butt play enables them to hit two hot spots indirectly. These are the G-spot and A-spot.

2. It is another way to have sex

Vaginal sex is a common way of penetration during erotic scene. But if you want to try new things, then anal sex is surely worth a try. It gives you and your partner a different way to be intimate. Apart from that, it allows couples to experiment with a new sensation.

Furthermore, for women who have period but still want to have sex, anal sex is a great alternative. Just make sure that you are using a compatible lubricant. This will make the insertion easier and less painful considering that the anus is not self-lubricating.

3. You won’t get pregnant

One of the reasons why many couples are trying anal sex is because women cannot get pregnant with it. You can still feel the same intimacy and pleasure during anal sex without worrying about getting pregnant.

Keep in mind that although anal sex will not get you pregnant, it doesn’t mean that you should skip protection at all. This is because with butt sex, there is still a risk of getting STDs and other infections like bacterial vaginosis. To avoid this, it is suggested to use condoms. It is also important not to directly switch from vaginal penetration to anal stimulation and vice versa.

4. It can give couples more excitement

Although anal sex is more common nowadays, many people still consider it taboo. Nevertheless, the mere idea of doing something that is known to be “unusual” can be a huge turn-on to some people. Doing this can also give you an element of kinkiness that can heighten your arousal level.

5. You can explore a new area of your body

Many people don’t have any idea how pleasurable a specific body part can feel unless you explore it. Exploring other parts of your body like the butt can be a perfect way to spice up your relationship with your partner or intensify your solo play. Butt sex can definitely offer a completely different sensation than any other types of sex that you have tried.

6. It is a best way to introduce sex toy

If you want to be sexually adventurous, then trying anal play is a must for you. To make it more pleasurable, you can add sex toys into the mix.

Using anal toys is a good way to experiment various avenues of pleasure during anal sex. It can also help you prepare your body if you are planning to go full throttle on your butt play.

There are a lot of sex toys that you can use during anal play. For starters, you can try with a small butt plug first. Then work your way up to bigger toys if you feel more comfortable and ready.

It is also crucial to take note that the anus usually takes 4-6 weeks to become fully prepped. Thus, it is important to have patience when trying anal sex. It can also help if you use anal training kits.

7. It also gives you some health benefits

This sexual activity has been linked to various health benefits. These may include stronger immune system, lower risk of heart diseases, stroke and hypertension, promotes better sleep, relieves headache, boosts your libido, relieves menstrual cramps, promotes a happier mood and many more.


To have a satisfying sex life, you should not be afraid to try something new. With that, anal sex is worth a try. Whether you’re with a partner or going solo, anal stimulation can be surprisingly wonderful, pleasurable and beneficial.

Now that you learned the reasons why it is worthwhile to try anal stimulation, the decision is yours. If you want to try it out, it is a good idea to use sex toys. You can look for a reliable online sex toy shop to find various adult toys for anal sex and other sexual activity.


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