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8 Tips on How to Prepare for Anal Sex

on May 27, 2020

Nowadays, a lot of people enjoy anal sex. In fact, it is now considered as one of the popular sexual activities in bed. As many couples explore this type of activity, it is also important to have better knowledge of its proper preparation, strategies and possible risks.

For those who are not familiar, anal sex is a type of sexual activity that involves the anal area. Many people think that anal sex is just anal penetration with the penis. But actually, you have a few options. It can be performed using your fingers or tongue. Also, you can enjoy it with some sex toys like vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs.

Are you thinking of having anal sex for the first time but don’t know how to start? Although this activity can give you a lot of fun, it still requires more planning and communication than any other form of sexual encounters Here is a blog post below that might help you how to prepare for your first anal exploration.

1. Talk with your partner

In every erotic play, surprising your partner with a new sexual experience is never a good idea. Thus, before doing this sexual activity, it is important that couples have already discussed anal sex prior to trying it. Always make sure that you have full consent of your partner. In that way, you will both have the most enjoyable experience.

For novices and even for expert couples, communication is always the key. Tell your partner how it really feels. For others, they might feel awkward talking about what is uncomfortable or painful to them. Nevertheless, if you communicate with your partner, it can help make your anal sex experience even better.

2. Educate yourself

Anal sex can be daunting if you have been exposed to some misinformation and taboos about it. Thus, educating yourself on what to expect in this sex act is important.

Before trying anal sex, take some time to research to avoid being nervous. Never do this activity if you are not ready.

3. Try it for yourself first

For first-timer, trying it for solo play is vital. You can start off by applying lots of lube in your anal area. Then slowly insert your own finger into your anus. This act is also known as anal fingering. When you feel comfortable in fingering your own anus, then it’s time for you to experiment with different sensations.

In addition, using sex toys can also be a great way of preparing yourself for anal play. To start with, it is suggested to use small sex toys like anal beads. Aside from being small, anal beads can be easily controlled at your own pace. Insert the smallest bead first, and slowly insert more when you feel comfortable.

4. Make it hygienic

Many people hung up on the potential mess involved with anal sex. Therefore, making yourself clean before anal sex is vital. If you have your regular bowel movements, then it will be better to do it before your anal session.

This means you have to go to the bathroom 30 to 60 minutes before anal play. This can make you feel clean, more comfortable and sexy.

5. Lubricate

Unlike the vagina, your anus is not self-lubricating. Luckily, lubes have been invented to make your anal experience more pleasurable. Applying lots of lube can also help you experiment on anal play. Thus, using lubes in this particular activity is something that you don’t have to forget.

6. Make it slow

If you want to try a new sexual experience, then it is vital to start slowly. This is true when it comes to anal sex because the sphincter muscles in the anus are tightly closed. Instead of jumping in with a penis or sex toy, you can use your finger first. Once your muscles have relaxed, add more fingers until you feel comfortable. Then you can finally use a penis, strap-on or a dildo to penetrate your partner.

Whether you used your penis or any anal toys, making it slow will mean that you have time to adjust to the size and sensations.

7. Use protection

Before having anal sex, talk to your partner about what protection you should use. Typically, condoms are the most common protection that is widely used during anal play. It is inserted to the penis or to a dildo to make your anal play experience safe. Remember that having unprotected anal sex can put you and your partner at a higher risk of getting HIV and STI’s than other sexual activity. Hence, being safe by using the right protection will help you both feel more relaxed.

8. Relax

When trying something new, it is normal to be scared. Most especially when it involves a body part that you don’t want to touch by anyone. But to make your anal sex experience a better one, always try to relax. Just do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable.


The most important thing about anal sex is to make sure that you are actually excited about experiencing it. But remember, being prepared is the best thing you should do to make your anal sex experience safer and enjoyable!

If anal sex is something that you want to try with your partner, browsing to an online shop with informative guides is a good idea. They can give you some tips on how to prepare for this sexual activity. They can also provide you with a wide range of quality anal toys for your first anal session.


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