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A Guide to vaginal intercourse

on November 22, 2022

Sex can be performed in several ways. Vaginal intercourse, anal play and oral sex are some of them. But vaginal intercourse is the most common form of sex for couples.

In order to perform this type of sex well, it is vital to understand how to engage with your partner in this kind of sexual experience. Apart from that, it is crucial to know the many ways to enjoy vaginal sex. For your reference, below is a blog post about a guide to vaginal intercourse.

What is vaginal intercourse?

Vaginal intercourse or vaginal sex is a form of penetrative stimulation. This type of sex involves the insertion of the penis or adult toy into the vagina. It is done for sexual pleasure, reproduction purposes or both.

How to have vaginal sex

There is no right or wrong way in doing vaginal sex. In fact, you can do it in any way you and your partner want. You can be very gentle, passionate or intimate. In the same way, you can be adventurous, wild and many other things in between like being kinky, etc.

Finding out the best technique for vaginal sex that works for you and your lover might take a few tries. Thus, you don’t need to worry if you are unsure on your first try. To help beginners get started, here are some steps to guide you.

1. Start with foreplay

Foreplay or heavy petting is a sex activity that couples do to prepare their body for sex. Doing foreplay can also increase your arousal. As a result, vaginal stimulation will be easier. This is because it generates more blood flow to the labia, vagina and clitoris. Aside from that, the genitals will produce more lubrication and flexibility.

2. Don’t forget about protection

If the couple have no plans of getting pregnant, it is a wise idea to use a condom. Using a condom can also protect you from STIs and other related infections.

To use a condom, insert it on an erect penis or sex toy before penetration. A condom can be inserted a few hours before having sex. This is for you to get comfortable with it and avoid awkwardness.

3. Start penetrating

If everything is ready, slowly guide the penis or sex toy into the vagina. If it is your first time, it may feel uncomfortable and awkward during insertion. That is why communication is vital between couples. They should talk about which method feels good for both of them. When the penis or sex toy is already inserted, they can experiment with different rhythms and strokes.

4. Work your way towards orgasm

Orgasms or climax is a sudden rush of pleasure. It usually happens when you reach the peak of your sexual arousal. For partners to reach climax, they should try different sensations. They can also experiment with various sex positions to easily access the G-spot and clitoris.

What are the common positions for vaginal sex?

  • Missionary

This is a sex position wherein the penetrating partner is on top of the receiving partner. The ones on top are responsible for controlling the speed and depth of penetration. In this position, couples can maximise intimacy. It also allows them to enjoy easier pelvic thrusting. For those who will try vaginal intercourse for the first time, missionary is the best choice since it allows the penetrating partner to have better control on the penetration.

  • Cowgirl

In this position, the penetrative partner lies on their back while the receiving partner sits on top of them. With cowgirl position, the receiver has more control on the angle, pace and depth of penetration.

  • Doggy style

One person is positioned on all fours while the other partner is either standing or kneeling and penetrates their vagina from behind. A lot of couples love to try the doggy style because in this position, they can experience deeper penetration.

  • Reverse cowgirl

This is a sex position where one lover is lying on their back while the other one straddles them facing away from them. The person who is lying down can penetrate their lover’s vagina using their penis or a sex toy. On the other hand, the person on top can grind or use a sex toy for stimulation.


Before having vaginal sex with your partner, it is crucial to have some good information about this erotic play. In this way, you can enjoy it even better and have a satisfying experience. This blog post is a great starting point to your vaginal sex adventure.

If you have recently started having sex or planning to have it soon, incorporating a good quality sex toy can make a huge impact to your experience. You can get a high-quality dildo or vibrator from a trusted online adult toy shop. They can also provide other types of sex toys according to your erotic preferences.


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