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9 Sexual techniques for women’s pleasure and arousal

on February 09, 2022

For some men, pleasing a woman in the bedroom can be quite intimidating. This is because they probably don’t have any idea how to make their spouses turn on.

Actually, it will not be complicated if a man understands their partner’s body. They should also know the trigger points that can arouse a woman.

Luckily, this blog post is for those men who are looking for ways how to boost their partner’s sexual pleasure and arousal. Below are the 9 techniques for you to try.

1. Spend enough time for foreplay

Generally, most women need plenty of physical stimulation to get aroused. That is why foreplay is important before having sex.

As your guide, here are some tips to make a woman arouse easily.

  • Use a tender touch

During foreplay, it’s vital to give your partner a gentle caress. You can touch her hair, stroke her back or thigh, hold her hand and hug her. This can give them sexual tension.

  • Kiss other parts of her body

Almost all women get erotic pleasure from passionate kissing. This kissing technique doesn’t always mean kissing your partner on the lips. You can kiss them on other areas of their body such as the neck and shoulder. This can be more arousing to them.

  • Try temperature play

Temperature play is another way to make foreplay more fun and exciting. A popular example of this is using an ice cube. You can hold the ice cube using your teeth and run it in your lover’s body. For sure, it will give them great pleasure.

2. Set the scene

Having an erotic atmosphere makes a woman get into the mood for sex. To set the scene, light some scented candles and play your favourite romantic music. Putting some flowers on your side table is also a good idea.

This sexy atmosphere will trigger your partner’s sexual desire. Moreover, it will make them feel extra special. It also makes them think that you care about their comfort and desire.

3. Know their pleasure spots

Most women get aroused when you stimulate their clitoris and G-spot. This is because these erogenous zones respond to sexual pleasure.

Aside from these pleasure spots, stimulating other areas of their body can also lead to arousal. These body parts are the scalp, ears, nape of the neck, armpits, fingertips, inner wrist, stomach and back of her knees.

4. Pay attention to the signs

To know whether you’re doing the right thing to arouse your partner, you need to pay attention to how their body reacts.

When a woman gets aroused, you will notice the following:

  • Their pupils get dilated.
  • Their vaginal canal expands.
  • The clitoris and labia become swollen.
  • Their breasts become fuller and the nipples become erect.
  • Their body temperature increases.
  • Their natural lubrication increases.

5. Have eye to eye contact

Once you engaged in foreplay, for sure you’re going to look at your partner’s gorgeous body. Instead of focusing on her sexy body, it’s a good idea to look directly at her face and have eye to eye contact. This simple act is a big turn-on for most women. It will also make them feel desired.

6. Give her oral pleasure

A woman easily gets aroused when you perform oral sex. It is more pleasurable if you use your fingers to tease their intimate area.

Furthermore, you can tell your partner that you enjoy performing oral sex. This is to make her feel confident and relaxed during the act.

7. Ask her about her fantasies

It’s also a turn-on to a woman if you’re a good listener. Ask her about her likes and dislikes. Then, listen carefully to her responses. In that way, you will know what she’s into. It will also give you insights about her sexual fantasies.

8. Use sex toys

Sex toys offer an additional pleasure for both men and women during intimate play. It also improves arousal for both partners.

Sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, wands and clitoral stimulators are among the best sex toys to use if you want to tease your partner. Using these toys will surely give a woman great satisfaction.

9. Give her an erotic massage

Massaging your spouse before having an erotic scene is one way to make them feel more relaxed. You can massage their back, arms, legs and other body parts. To intensify their experience, you can also massage their intimate part. This often leads to sexual arousal.


Pleasing your partner can be easy especially if you’re willing to experiment. It can also be more adventurous if you try new ways to arouse them. Fortunately, these 9 techniques above will give you an idea of how to give your woman more pleasure and arousal. Trying these techniques will definitely lead to better sex.

Teasing your partner in bed can be exciting and pleasurable when you use sex toys. If you need one, contact a trusted online adult toy shop. They can supply various quality sex toys and accessories for all your sexual needs.


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