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10 helpful ways to satisfy a woman in bed

on July 27, 2020

Men tend to rush things especially in bed. But for women, they usually take much time to get aroused. While most men often overlook the importance of foreplay, this is not the case for women. A more relaxed approach and a little consideration are what they usually prefer.

How to satisfy a woman in bed? This question is tough for many men. But if you want to pamper her sexual desires, here is a blog post about the 10 helpful ways to satisfy a woman in bed. Read here to learn more.

1. Add temperature play

To intensify foreplay, try temperature play by adding some ice cubes and candles. You can hold an ice cube using your teeth and draw it down on your partner’s body. If they prefer more heat, you can use regular soy candles. Then drip the wax on her body for some BDSM fun.

2. Take your time removing her clothes

When it comes to foreplay, it is important to not rush yourself. To heighten her experience, make sure to not strip her down quickly. You can start by just taking off her shirt first. Then wait for a few minutes before taking off the rest of her clothes like pants and underwear.

Once a new body part is revealed, you can give her some massage. For instance, after taking off her shirt, you can kiss her neck and arms. Then, once the pants are off, rub her legs passionately. When the bra is gone, you can gently lick and suck her nipples.

3. Explore her entire body

During your bedtime scene, do not just focus on her genitals. As you may know, a lady’s body is filled with erogenous zones.

A woman’s erogenous zones include the neck, breasts, hips, lower abdomen, ankles and many more. You have to understand that when you rub or caress these areas, it can definitely bring shivers all over her nerves.

4. Make some noise

Making some noise doesn’t mean you have to shout or be too loud in bed. Being vocal by just doing some moans, grunts or sighs can guarantee that you are having fun. By hearing these, she can also express herself and increase her pleasure.

5. Try a sex toy

She may have experienced the wonders of foreplay from the tips above. But if you want her to experience even greater things, then it is suggested to use sex toys.

By using a vibrator during actual sex, your woman can experience waves of orgasms. It will heighten her pleasure in bed. Aside from the vibrator, there are various kinds of sex toys for women to try out. These include dildos, lubricants, nipple clamps and many more.

6. Keep things spontaneous

To do this, you can watch porn together as a part of foreplay. While watching, try a new sex toy and experiment with different ways to enjoy it. Keeping things spontaneous is a great way to make your experience more fun and interesting.

Once both of you are already confident in bed, it will be the right time to get out of your comfort zone. You can try sex elsewhere in your room. You can also try different positions to make it more exciting.

7. Be a gentleman in bed

In bed, you have to understand the difference between aggression and abuse. Make sure that you don’t cross the line. Moreover, do not hurt her sentiments. An intense love session should be wild and not violent. You must treat your lady like a flower. They should be handled with love and care.

8. Bring in some elements of oral sex

To surprise your partner, try adding some elements of oral sex. For most women, oral sex is more enjoyable than other erotic acts. It is even known to be the best way to satisfy a woman in bed. You can start by licking, biting and playing with her skin using your tongue or teeth.

9. Dress well and smell good

To set a good mood for sex, hygiene matters in most women. Thus, before heading to bed, make sure to take a shower. You can also wear a soft scent of perfume. Moreover, many women do not like unwanted hair. So, make sure that it is all removed or trimmed beforehand.

In addition, you must pay attention to your undergarments. This will surely turn her on easily.

10. Ask her what she wants

The key to a good relationship is communication. Hence, ask your partner what she really likes. You have to prioritise her needs and desires over yours. Focus on what she prefers and in what way she wants it. In this manner, it will be easier for your partner to share her inhibitions.


Good sex means good teamwork. That is why you have to consider what your partner feels during sex. To please your woman in bed, you can definitely try these useful tips. These will help every man to turn the heat on and intensify bedtime scenes.

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