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Beginner’s guide to Anal Probes

on October 08, 2022

Probes are sex toys that are not widely used and popular unlike dildos and vibrators. That’s why a lot of people nowadays don’t know anything about this toy. But for people who are too adventurous with butt play, for sure they have an idea of what probe is.

While a lot of people are still in doubt about using probes, you may want to consider and give this adult toy a try. If you want to know more about probes, here is a beginner’s guide for you.

What are probes?

Probes are sex toys that are used either for vaginal or clitoral stimulation. This toy is also the best option for people who want to experience a heightened level of anal exploration. This sex toy can be used for solo play or partnered sex.

Anal probes are the most common type of probe toys. They have a tapered tip and smoother shaft. They usually look like a slim vibrator or dildo. But they are longer than the usual vibe and dildo. This will allow the user to experience deeper anal and prostate stimulation.

Important things to know about anal probes

Below are just a few things that a beginner should know about anal probes. Read on here to learn more.

  • They are ideal for novices

Anal probes are perfect for beginners because they are easy to use. Since they are slim, they are also easy to insert even if you are a first timer. Just make sure to choose the best one that will suit your erotic needs. This will help you experience the most satisfying back door adventure.

  • Applying lube is vital when using anal probes

The anus doesn’t have the ability to self-lubricate. Thus, it is crucial to apply a generous amount of lubricant on the toy and to the anus. Using a compatible lube will help you insert the toy seamlessly. It will also allow you to experiment with your anal toy. On top of that, it can enhance stimulation.

  • Cleaning the anal probe is a must

Like any other sex toy, cleaning is very important. The toy must be cleaned before and after you use them. You can wash it with warm water and a toy cleaner. If it is not waterproof, you can wipe it with a clean damp towel. Make sure to wipe off excess moisture before storing it.

  • Probes can intensify your erotic experience

Many people love to use anal probe because it gives added stimulation especially during masturbation. It also gives them a lot of opportunity to explore anal sex in a safe way.

Some women also want to incorporate anal probes during their partnered play. This is because they can enjoy dual stimulation. Aside from that, it can enhance the couple’s intimacy and pleasure.

Beginner’s tips

  • Don’t take your partner by surprise

Sex with your partner should always be consensual. Thus, before experimenting with an anal probe, it is crucial to ask your partner if they are good with it. Having a good conversation about what the techniques on how to use the toy should be done in advance. In this way, both partners can give their thoughts and concerns. They can also discuss how they use this toy in a comfortable way.

  • Slowly work your way up

It is important to understand that it is not necessary to rush things when using your anal probe. As a beginner, you may probably take multiple tries to make your anus loose enough and successfully insert the toy. You just have to be patient, relaxed and be comfortable. Always be slow and steady.

  • Give cues to your partner

When you insert the toy, don’t forget to give your lover some cues. If you are the one who inserts the toy, pay close attention to how your partner reacts with every stroke you make.

  • Be hygienic

Cleanliness is vital especially if you engage yourself in any type of sexual activity. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and have your nails trimmed. This hygienic practice will protect you against STI’s and other infectious diseases.

If you’re planning to be frisky on your erotic scene, then you and your partner should take a shower or take a bath beforehand. However, if you find it embarrassing to ask your partner to take a shower, then go ahead and do it first.


In order to enjoy anal probes, you should be prepared and knowledgeable with this sex toy. With a little practice and a few attempts in using the toy, you will definitely figure out the best technique that works for you. This beginner’s guide can also help you get started in using this adult toy.

Now that you are familiar with anal probes, you and your lover can now decide to purchase one. They are available in your favourite online sex toy shop. Aside from anal probes, they can supply various sex toys for your next erotic encounter.


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