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A guide to beginner's sex toy for him

on August 08, 2022

Owning sex toys among women is normal. However, this is not the situation in men because ther is a stigma around using male sex toys. But with the fast pace of technology and influence of the media, adult toys for men are now being normalised. Unlike before, the choices for male sex toys are also increasing. You can choose different designs to be used during foreplay, solo play and partnered sex.

For beginners, here is a quick overview and guide to help you get started. Read on below.

Various sex toys for men

  • Cock rings

A cock ring or C-ring is a flexible band that is worn around the base of the penis. It is designed to restrict the blood flow in the penis to achieve a harder, long-lasting erection and heightened sensitivity.

Cock rings come in various styles. They are available from a basic cock ring to the one that vibrates. There are also variants that are designed to stimulate you and your partner at the same time.

  • Masturbators or Strokers

This is a tunnel-shaped and skin-textured sex toy that is designed to provide erection and stimulate the wearer during sex. Strokers are often handheld toys to level up your masturbation session.

Most masturbators have ridges, nodules and nubs. There are also different orifices to suit your erotic needs. It can provide incredible sensation to achieve climax. Apart from that, strokers provide realistic feels to the wearer.

  • Prostate massagers

The prostate gland is a small organ that is located around 2 inches inside a man’s anus. Stimulating this area using prostate massagers can give explosive orgasms. Some even describe the sensation to be like no other. Most of these toys can vibrate to effectively massage and stimulate the prostate.

  • Penis pump

In order to achieve a strong erection or temporarily increase the size of the penis, a penis pump can be used. For those who want a fast-pumping toy, go for a penis pump with pistol-style hand. Moreover, if you want something for greater precision, opt for a pneumatic bulb handle. Other features to consider include quick-release valve, an easy-to-read pressure gauge and soft ring around the opening of the cylinder.

  • Penis extender

A penis extender is a sex toy sleeve that is worn over the penis to add length and girth. This adult toy is often made from soft and flexible material. Penis extenders usually have textured ridges or nubs on its shaft. These features can provide an exhilarating sensation to the wearer. On top of that, other penis extenders have a removable vibrating bullet or curved tip to stimulate the G-spot.

  • Anal toys

Anal toys such as butt plugs and anal beads are not just for women. Men can also use these sex toys for their anal exploration. Using these anal toys is also a great way to prepare yourself for anal stimulation and penetration. This is because these toys can help your anal muscles adjust and get ready for penetration. With that, butt play can be more comfortable especially for beginners.

Cleaning and storing tips for men’s sex toy

Cleaning the adult toy is a must for every sex toy owner. It should be done before and after each use. The rule of thumb in cleaning a sex toy is to wash them in warm water and toy cleaner or mild antibacterial soap. You can also wipe them with damp clean cloth.

It is important to remember that the correct way to sanitise your toys will depend on what material it is made of. Generally, sex toys are categorised in 2 types. These are porous and non-porous.

Sex toys that are made from porous materials contain tiny holes. These holes are prone to harbouring bacteria that can lead to vaginal microbiome. Contrarily, nonporous materials contain substances that don’t allow air or liquid to pass through. Some examples of porous materials include hard plastic, rubber, leather, TPR, TRE and jelly rubber. While nonporous materials are metal, glass and silicone.

After cleaning, make sure that the adult toy is totally dry before storing them. This is to avoid mildew or mould build-up. You should also keep them either in their original packaging, separate satin bag or plastic container. Furthermore, place the sex toy in an area that it is not exposed to direct sunlight.


Aside from women, men can also enjoy the benefits of using a sex toy. In fact, there is a wide array of adult toys that are designed specifically for men’s pleasure. They can explore different types of sex toys depending on their erotic needs. Moreover, this guide is a great source of information for beginners who are planning to start their sex toy journey.

If you are interested to try out these men’s sex toys listed above, you can visit an online sex toy shop. They can supply several types of sex toys for men and women for your next sex scene. They can also provide other products like lubricants, accessories and many more.


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