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Beginner’s guide to penis pump

on April 23, 2022

A penis pump is a sex toy that helps men get and maintain penis erection. It also makes the penis firm enough for intimate scene. Moreover, it is considered a non-invasive device used to aid men with erectile dysfunction (ED).

While men with ED benefit from using a penis pump, others just use this toy for fun. They actually enjoy watching their penis go larger inside the penis pump. Whatever reasons you have for using this vacuum pump, it is vital to have some knowledge about this toy beforehand.

For more information about this sex toy, read this beginner’s guide to penis pump.

Parts of a penis pump

Before using a penis pump, familiarise yourself with its different parts.

  • Chamber/cylinder – This is where the man’s dick is inserted. This is often made from various materials such as plastic, glass, or fiberglass.
  • Sleeve, penis band or cock ring – It provides a tight grip on the erect penis. It also keeps the cylinder airtight. You can find this on the base of the chamber.
  • Tube – It is usually flexible. During pumping, it transports the air and creates a vacuum in the cylinder.
  • Hand pump – This part is responsible for creating suction. It is connected to the cylinder through a flexible tube. This component is not present in a battery-powered pump.
  • Quick-release air valve – This is an essential part of the penis enlarger. This valve releases the vacuum inside the chamber.

How to use a penis pump

A penis pump is a sex toy that is relatively easy to operate. For your guide, follow this simple step below.

  1. Shave or trim your pubic hair. This step may not be required. But some men consider shaving the hair around the base of the penis to prevent the ring from getting caught in it.
  2. Apply a bit of compatible lubricant to the penis to prevent irritation. This can also help create an airtight seal.
  3. Slide the penis into the chamber.
  4. If you’re using a battery-powered pump, then just turn on the device. Contrarily, if you’re using a hand pump, start pumping to remove the air inside the cylinder. This can provide pressure which can engorge the blood in the penis that results to an erection.
  5. Once the penis becomes erect, remove it from the cylinder. To sustain the erection, simply put a cock ring on the base of the penis.
  6. Finally, it’s time to start foreplay or intercourse.

Considerations when choosing a penis pump

Penis pumps are available in online adult toy shops and in many specialist stores. When purchasing, it’s crucial to consider the following:

  • Choose a pump that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These penis pumps are generally safe especially when they are used correctly.
  • Choose a penis pump with a vacuum limiter. This feature will limit the air pressure inside the cylinder.
  • Select a cock ring that totally fits on the base of the penis. It is ineffective to use a loose ring. Whereas, a ring that is too tight is uncomfortable to wear.

Reasons why men with ED should use a penis pump

Many men with ED use a penis pump for the following reasons:

  • It works well in getting an erection when used properly.
  • Using this device has a lower risk of getting complications.
  • The overall cost of using a penis pump is lower than other ED treatment options.
  • This is a non-invasive ED treatment.
  • Penis pumps can be used along with other ED medications.
  • This can help men regain their ability to get a natural erection after medical procedures like prostate surgery.

Safety tips in using a penis pump

  • Always follow the directions on the manual included in the package.
  • Carefully place the vacuum pump over your penis down to the base. This is to prevent skin irritation.
  • Use a penis pump for only 15 minutes at a time.
  • Leave the constriction ring on the penis for not more than 20 minutes.
  • Don’t over pump. This might cause damage to the penis. Remember not to use a penis pump if you have blood condition such as sickle cell anaemia.
  • To ensure your safety, consult your doctor before using a penis pump.


Penis pump is an effective device to enhance your performance in bed. It is also a useful sex toy for men with ED. But before using this adult toy, it’s important to have some time to research and learn the proper ways of using it. This is to ensure your safety. Fortunately, this beginner’s guide can give you more insights about a penis pump.

If you’re looking for a penis pump to use, then contact a reputable online adult toy shop. They can definitely provide you with high-quality penis pump. Aside from that, they offer various sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, dongs, anal toys, BDSM accessories and many more.


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