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How to pick the ideal anal toys for beginners

on September 22, 2022

For beginners, anal sex can be quite stressful. But actually it is something that you should not be afraid of. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or painful. Instead, you should enjoy and consider it as a life-changing experience.

Butt play can be more exciting if you use anal toys. However, anal toys come in numerous options nowadays. Thus, choosing the best one can be difficult particularly for novices. So, it is essential to educate yourself about anal toys beforehand. Good thing, here is a guide on how to pick the best anal toys for beginners.

Different types of anal toys

There is a wide array of sex toys that can be used for anal play. Listed below are some of the most common adult toys that are specifically for beginners.

  • Anal beads

This toy is a series of silicone beads that are held together with a string. Typically, the beads start small at the insertion point then gradually becomes larger as it reaches the end. One of the most exciting parts in using an anal bead is when you gradually remove the toy from your body at various speeds. This can provide an intense climax.

  • Butt plugs

Butt plugs are considered to be the most popular type of anal toy. They create a pleasurable sensation as it stimulates the nerves inside the anus.

Compared to dildos, butt plugs tend to be shorter and typically have flared end to prevent the toy from being stuck inside the body.

  • Anal probes and teasers

These are long, slim shafts that are inserted in the anus and bends with the natural contours of your body. These are the perfect toys if you want to start exploring anal play.

  • Prostate toys

These are sex toys that provide pressure, vibration and massage to the prostate. It usually creates small circular motions for men to experience maximum stimulation and full-body orgasms.

  • Anal dildos

Anal dildos are not the same with vaginal dildos. Most of the time, anal dildos have flared base. On top of that, they are slightly bent compared to vaginal dildos. This is for the user to have a better P-spot stimulation experience. Moreover, they are slimmer than the typical dildo. This is to help you have a smoother insertion into the anus.

Common anal toy sizes

Small size

A small size anal toy usually has a diameter of 1-1.2 inches at its widest point. This type of anal toy is perfect for beginners or for those people who opt for something small.

Medium size

This type of anal toy ranges from 1.25-1.5 inches in diameter. This sex toy can provide a more feeling of fullness inside the body. But medium-sized anal toys are still easy to insert with the right amount of lubrication.

Large size

Large-sized anal toys are about 1.6-2.0 inches in diameter. This type of toy is only recommended for experienced anal toy users.

Useful tips

  • An anal toy with small and tapered base is generally the most comfortable toy to use. You can also use a slim anal toy with no angles or curves. This sex toy is easy to insert and ideal for beginners.
  • When it comes to anal play, enough lubrication is important. With the help of a lube, insertion can be less painful. You have to consider using a lube that is compatible with your toy. Water-based lubes are compatible to most of the sex toys.
  • Always use an anal toy with a handle, flared base or a retrieval cord. This will help you remove the toy easily from your body and avoid it from being lost inside the anus.
  • It is a good idea to purchase an anal toy that comes in set. They typically have different sizes of toys so that beginners can try out various sizes according to their preferences.
  • When it comes to the material, make sure that the anal toys body-safe. Generally, non-porous materials are the best choice for anal toys. This is because they are easy to clean. Aside from that, they won’t harbour bacteria on the surface of the toy.


Today, butt play becomes popular to people of all genders. Along with that, anal toys are also now becoming more accessible. You can now find all sorts of butt toys to bring satisfying stimulation to you and your partner. And this guide can definitely help you decide which one is the right anal toy for you.

If you have chosen your ideal butt toy, you can now check out an online sex toy shop. You can find there a wide range of sex toys depending on your erotic cravings.


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