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How to use and enjoy butt plugs

on December 12, 2019

For some people, introducing butt plugs before anal sex for the first time may be a bit intimidating and scary. The truth is, butt plugs are good sex toys to start with your anal sex routine. This sex toy is vital for anal arousal and intense fulfillment.

Butt plugs can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of your gender or sexuality. It can be used either through solo masturbation or playing with a partner. For those who have prostate, butt plugs can be used to stimulate it. Moreover, for women, butt plugs can create unbelievably pleasurable pressure on the back vaginal wall.

To make the most out of your butt plug experience, here is a blog post on how to use and enjoy butt plugs. Read on below.

What are butt plugs

Butt plugs are simple, conical-shaped sex toys that are intended to use in the anus and sits inside the rectum. Butt plugs basically have tapered tip for easier insertion. It also has a narrow neck for your body to grip. For the butt plugs to not move further into your anus, it has to have a wide base. Some butt plugs even have finger loop to make it easier to pull out.

Different ways to use butt plugs

For those unaware, butt plugs can be used in different ways. First, butt plugs are used primarily to help dilate the muscles before or in preparation for anal sex.

This special type of sex toy is also used during masturbation or sex. Butt plugs can increase pleasure and heighten orgasms for you and your partner.

Butt plugs are also used for extended wear while in the house or public. This sex toy can provide sexual pleasure. It can also maintain a kinky feeling to the wearer.

Getting started: How to use

Using butt plugs vary from person to person. Some may have a hard time using it for the first time while others may be much more relaxed and flexible when using it. To help you, here are some of the steps on how to use butt plug.

1. Since your butt doesn’t produce natural lubrication, it is very important to apply plenty of lubricant to the anus and the butt plug. This is to make insertion more relaxed and comfortable for you.

2. Slowly insert a well-lubricated finger into your anus. Give it a little time to explore and get used to the sensation.

3. Position yourself comfortably. Some recommended positions include laid on your side, doggy-style and squatting over the butt plug either on the knees or feet.

4. Then, point the butt plug toward your anal opening. Make sure that it is angled upwards slightly towards the stomach. Then gently push in the tip. It is normal to experience a little discomfort. But, if you feel pain and discomfort this time, then please stop using the toy immediately.

5. Gradually push in the rest of the butt plug. It may take you a few tries to successfully do this.

6. You can also try to squeeze the sphincter muscle around the toy to enjoy intense stimulation. Slide in and out for additional pleasure.

Do’s and don’ts for butt plug users

For beginners, here are some do’s and don’ts on how to use butt plugs. Read on here.


• For beginners, always start with small and smooth butt plugs.
• Make sure that the butt plug has a safe flared base.
• Using plenty of lubricants is recommended. This is to make the insertion more relaxed and less painful.
• Always start slow and gentle. If you feel any pain or discomfort while using the toy, stop it immediately.
• Make sure to clean and sanitise your sex toy before and after each use.
• For butt plugs that are made from porous materials, use a condom.


• For first-timers, do not use large butt plug. Using large butt plugs without warming up could result in tearing or damaging the tissues of the anal canal. This may eventually cause loss of enjoyment.
• Do not force a butt plug in. Be patient and give your butt some time to get used to the sensation.
• For butt plugs, do not choose a textured or ridged plug.
• For beginners, do not wear a butt plug for more than 20 minutes.


For those single persons or even couples who are considering starting anal sex, it can be intimidating. However, with the use of butt plugs, anal sex can be more relaxed. You can also experience enhanced climax and enjoyable anal sex.
Butt plugs are also wonderful toys that can help single people and couples safely explore new sexual territory. If you’re planning to try butt plugs, you can check out a reliable online sex toy shop online. They can provide almost all types of sex toys, personal lubricants and other sex-related accessories.


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