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Sex toys: Why should you incorporate them into your relationship

on July 14, 2023

Using sex toys have become more popular over the past decade. Because of its immense popularity, the number of individuals who believe that using this toy is a taboo is also decreasing. Most of these people are now open for the idea of using pleasure toys. And the majority of them incorporate these toys into their relationship.

While some couples are now enjoying the benefits of using sex toys, others are still intimidated to introduce it into their relationship. Maybe because they have lack of information about it or they are afraid to offend their lover for being not enough and worried that they will be ashamed.

To give you a better view about these things, here is a blog post on why you should incorporate sex toys into your relationship.

Overview to sex toys

Basically, sex toys are tools or devices designed for enhancing sexual pleasure or facilitating orgasm. When sex toys are safely used, they can bring a whole new level of sexual element to your erotic encounter. Nowadays, there are several types of sex toys. Each of these toys is designed for a unique form of pleasure.

Different sex toys to try

  • Vibrators – This type of sex toy uses vibration patterns for stimulating various parts of the body. Vibrators usually come with different vibration modes. This will help you find your preferred intensity.
  • Anal toys – These toys are specifically designed to stimulate the nerve endings in the anus. Among the common types of anal toys are butt plug, anal beads and prostate massagers.
  • BDSM gears – These devices are used to enhance sexual pleasure through dominant and submissive role-playing. Some of the common BDSM gears are handcuffs, wrist and ankle restraints, blindfolds, nipple clamps and many more.
  • Cock rings – These adult toys are often placed around the base of the penis to restrict blood flow. This helps maintain and enhance an erection.
  • Dildos – These are phallic-shaped sex toys that are designed to penetrate a vagina, mouth or anus. Dildos often have textured ribs or bumps for a more pleasurable penetration.
  • Strap-on toys – These are worn specifically for strap-on play. It is usually used for penetrative sex. Strap-on toys consist of a harness that are often worn like underwear and a dildo that is attached to the harness.

Reasons of using sex toy with your partner

  • It helps you achieve intense orgasm

According to studies, about 75% of women are having a hard time reaching orgasms through penetrative sex alone. In the same way, around 50% have faked their orgasms during their intimate scene. But if you use sex toys, the chances of reaching intense orgasms can increase dramatically. For instance, a lot of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. By using sex toys like vibrators, it can help you achieve your orgasms or “Big O” in no time.

  • It improves your sex life

As you all know, sex toys are not just for single people. They are also used to enhance your bedroom romance with your lover. By using adult toys, you can extend your sexy times. You also can have variety of pleasurable experiences in bed.

  • It deepens couple's intimacy

Sometimes, sex can get boring and sexual relationship tends to fade. When it happens, sex toys can be used to bring back the spark into your relationship. Using sex toys can also help deepen your intimacy as a couple. Moreover, it can lessen the monotony in your relationship. Your overall communication with your partner may also improve since you’ll be more open to share your sexual desires.

  • It aids in managing your sexual dysfunctions

Both men and women can actually experience sexual dysfunctions. Fortunately, pleasure toys can aid various sexual issues such as performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction. Apart from that, using sex toys will help you learn more about your pleasure points. By understanding everything about your pleasure and your body as a whole, you will be more relaxed during your actual erotic routine. And as you mastered how to use sex toys, it will give you more confidence in achieving orgasms with your partner.

Things to remember when introducing sex toys

Communication is vital

If you are planning to introduce sex toys into your relationship, communication is really important. Talk to your partner on the things you want and don’t want to try with a sex toy.

If you are still hesitant to try one, share it with your partner and think of ways on how to deal with it. You can also read articles so that both of you will have an idea on how adult toys can enhance pleasure. It will also make you feel more comfortable in introducing sex toys since you are equipped with more information.

Reassure your partner

Some people are being scared of the idea of using sex toys into their relationship. This is because their partner may think that they are not enough or they are unsatisfied with their relationship. Thus, it is vital to reassure your lover that sex toys are used to heighten your pleasure. Adding adult toys into your relationship is also a simple way to experience new sensations. Assure them that sex toys will never replace human intimacy in your sex life.


Indeed, sex toys can enhance sexual pleasure and enjoyment. It can impact the satisfaction of both partners and bring couples to a new level of intimacy.

Now that you have a better idea on why you should introduce sex toys into your relationship, it is the best time to choose a sex toy that works best for you. For beginners, you can choose that one that isn’t too intimidating. A reputable online sex toy shop can supply a wide range of pleasure toys according your preferences and sexual needs.


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