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Mutual masturbation: 4 Things you need to know about it

on October 16, 2023

Masturbation doesn’t always have to be a sexual activity that you do alone. It can be more fun and exciting if you do it together with a partner. This type of sexual pleasure is also known as mutual masturbation. In this intimate activity, genital-to-genital contact is not necessary. That is why mutual masturbation is a safe erotic act that can reduce the risk of getting STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

For those couples who are curious and want to try mutual masturbation, here are the 4 things you need to know before introducing it into your relationship.

1. Understanding mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation is often described as a sexual act where both partners stimulate each other’s genitals using their hands, fingers or sex toys. It may also mean masturbating yourselves together. This partnered solo play can happen when couples are in the same room. Those who are in a long-distance relationship can also try this out. They can do it either via video call or during a phone call.

The purpose of mutual masturbation is not always to achieve or reach orgasm. It can simply be an erotic activity for partners to give pleasure to each other. It can also be a part of foreplay which can lead to other intense activities such as penetrative sex or oral sex.

2. Benefits of mutual masturbation

Like solo play, masturbating together can bring numerous benefits to couples. Here are some of them.

It will let you explore sex outside of penetration.

There are several ways to pleasure yourself and your partner. Mutual masturbation is one of them. This is one of the safest ways to try if you’re not ready to engage in penetration. Like other erotic activities, it can also provide gratification for both partners involved.

It helps maintain intimacy.

Being away from your lover can be mentally and physically challenging. That’s why phone calls, text messages and video calls become popular for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. With these advanced ways of communication, you can connect with your partner even if they are from afar. You can also do mutual pleasure together.

It builds closeness and trust.

It can be a huge turn-on if you let your lover watch you while masturbating. Aside from that, performing something that you typically do in private places can build trust and enhance communication between partners.

3. Tips on how to masturbate mutually

Before you dive in with mutual masturbation, consider the following tips on how to get started.

  • Bring it up in casual conversation with your partner

Have open communication with your partner. Let them know that you are interested to try mutual masturbation. In that way, you can discuss the things that both of you want to experience. You may also know if you’re both willing to explore it.

  • Set the scene

Once you’ve decided to try mutual masturbation, it’s time to set the scene. Be in a comfortable place where both of you can relax. It can be on a bed, sofa, bathtub or a pillow fort on the floor. You can also dim the lights, play sexy music or light a scented candle for a more romantic experience. Furthermore, it is important to keep your sex toys, lube and other props nearby.

  • Use a sex toy

To take your mutual masturbation to the next level, bring your favourite pleasure toys into the mix. Using an adult toy can deepen intimate pleasure. You may use sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, masturbators, anal toys, app-controlled toys and many more. You can also apply a compatible lubricant to your toy for a more enjoyable experience.

Even though mutual masturbation is safe, there’s still a risk of getting STIs especially if you share your toy with your partner. For your safety, use a condom for protection.

4. Mutual masturbation positions to try

Almost all sex positions can be tried during mutual masturbation. But here are the most popular sex styles for you to try.

Lean on me

In this position, your partner sits on the bed and leans back against the headboard. Then, position yourself on your partner’s lap. Make sure to give your partner enough space to reach their genitals. Lean back and rub each other off. Each of you is in charge of your pleasure. But if you need help from your partner, their hand is just nearby.

Bend over x 2

In this masturbation position, you and your partner are standing or kneeling side by side and bending over in front of a table or sofa. Let the sturdy surface support your body. You should free your hands to pleasure yourself or your partner. It will be more intimate if you have eye-to-eye contact with your lover.

Ride em’ cow folk

In this position, one partner lays on their back while the other climbs on top to face them. The partner on top straddles their genitals. They are also in charge of riding and rubbing for genital-to-genital fun. Like other mutual masturbation positions, this style allows both partners to free their hands from stimulating each other’s genitals or their partner’s pleasure spots.


Mutual masturbation can be healthy, fulfilling part of a relationship especially if both partners enjoy this sexual act. It can also be a fun way to explore your and your partner’s body. Furthermore, it can be one of the safest activities that you can add to your sexual repertoire.

If you want to try this intimate activity, using sex toys can enhance your experience. You can get quality adult toys from a trusted online adult store near you. Feel free to check their sex toy collections and choose the one suited to your erotic needs.


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