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Sensation Play: A comprehensive guide for beginners

on January 16, 2024
comprehensive guide to sensation play

Sensation play is an act where the senses are involved in different ways to increase sexual pleasure. Incorporating this erotic act into your sexual routine can impart an arousing sensation to you and your partner. It can also open up a new horizon of intimacy and pleasure.

For beginners who want to try it, read this comprehensive guide to further understand sensation play, its forms, and its benefits. It also includes a few tips to consider before getting started.

All about Sensation Play

Sensation play is also described as sensory play or sensual play. As its name suggests, it is about playing with the senses to provide an arousing sensation. It aims to give you or your partner more sense of excitement, resulting in pleasure and arousal. This sexual act can be enjoyed alone or without a partner.

Sensory play is not all about inflicting pain on your partner. A gentle touch, romantic music, and different kinds of lighting can play a big part in this sexual activity. Even the clothes you wear, the delightful scent, and the setting of the scene can emphasize sexual arousal.

Forms of Sensation Play

Sensual play can be enjoyed in various forms. Here is a list of the common forms of sensory play that you can explore.

Temperature play

In this sensory play style, objects and substances are used to stimulate the neuroreceptors of the body for hot and cold sensual effects. Objects including ball chains, cutlery, necklaces or something that can be chilled and pre-heated in hot water can be used for temperature play. Moreover, substances such as water, molten wax, oil, ice cubes, whipped cream, steamed vegetables and chilled fresh fruits can be utilised to stimulate the body for arousal.

Sensory deprivation

It involves the elimination of sensory stimuli including sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell to heighten pleasure. Sensory deprivation can enhance focus and sensitivity to physical sensations. This can also lead to a more intense sexual experience.

Additionally, it increases trust and promotes emotional connections between couples. For instance, during BDSM play, the blindfolded or restricted partner entrusts their lover to take care of them. In this way, they can be more assured of their safety.

Impact play

This form of sensory play involves hitting or spanking the body parts of a partner in a consensual way. Some people use their hands for spanking, while others use sex toys designed for this purpose. These adult toys may include floggers, paddles, whips and crops.

When trying impact play for the first time, it is crucial to target fleshy body parts or those areas protected by fat or muscle. The usual targets are the areas of the upper back below the shoulder blades and the buttocks. Avoid areas including kidneys, tailbone, neck, hip bones, head and all the joints.

Benefits of sensation play

If you get bored with your sexual routine, sensory play is a great way to explore and try something new. It can bring various benefits for you and your partner. Below are some of them.

Increase pleasure

Exploring your entire body with an open mind and curiosity will allow you to feel more pleasure. This will result in increased sensitivity to touch and stimulation.

Discover new erogenous zones

Engaging in sensual play will allow you to discover new pleasure spots that you ignored in the past. Some of these erogenous zones include the hips, inner thighs, ears, neck, ribcage and back of the knees.

Great for foreplay

Sensory play can be an amazing part of foreplay. This erotic activity can build arousal, relaxation and pleasure before a sexual encounter begins. It also allows you to go slow instead of jumping straight to penetration.

Sensation play tips

For first-timers, following these few tips below can help them have a successful sensual play.

  • Set a more pleasurable scene. Consider playing romantic music, lighting scented candles, and changing new bedding.
  • Prepare some items that you can play with. These may include feathers, a flower, warmed massage oil or lube, a vibrator or an ice cube.
  • Communicate with your partner before, during and after sensual play. Discuss your desires and boundaries beforehand.
  • Go slow when exploring your partner’s body.
  • During the actual play, if you’re uncomfortable with what’s happening, then stop for a while. Take time to check your partner and make some adjustments if needed.
  • After the sensual play, share your experience with your partner. This can increase confidence and can calm nerves. It will also make your next encounter even better.
  • Don’t be afraid to laugh. Maintain a sense of humour to confront the awkwardness that often comes up when trying something new in the bedroom.


Sensual play is a fun and thrilling activity that you can add to your sexual repertoire. This sexual activity will help you discover a new and simple way to get turned on. It also promotes emotional connection and trust between couples.

For novices, it is important to take time to research to make your experience safe, fun and pleasurable. Add a bit of enjoyment by using a quality sex toy from a trusted adult toy shop. Aside from providing premium sex toys, they can also give you tips on how to use them right.


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