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Impact play: A comprehensive guide for beginners

on March 16, 2022

If you’re one of those people who secretly turned on by the idea of being spanked, then you must try impact play. Like other elements of BDSM, this sexual act may sound strange especially for beginners. But this kinky play will actually allow you to explore a whole new world of exciting possibilities in bed.

Basically, you don’t need to be a masochist or sadist to enjoy this kinky play. Beginners can enjoy impact play as long as they know the basics of how to do this sexual act. To understand more about impact play, read this comprehensive guide for beginners.

Defining impact play

The act of striking someone for sexual gratification is referred to as impact play. This sexual act can be more exciting when you use sex toys such as paddles, floggers or whips. Using these toys can provide different sensations particularly for the receiver. Apart from using adult toys as props, couples can use their hands to enjoy light impact play.

Common forms of impact play

There are many forms of impact play. Among the most common forms are spanking, flogging and whipping.


This is the most common, versatile and fun form of impact play. This is usually performed in the form of a role play.

If you’re new to spanking, using one’s hand to hit your partner can be the best way to start. As you get comfortable with this sexual act, just add other implements. These may include the following:


  • leather belt
  • paddle
  • hairbrush
  • wooden spoon


Flogging allows you to strike your partner on different parts of their body. This can create various sensations. The feelings usually depend on the technique and the flogger used.

Flogger is an adult toy that is designed to use for flogging. They come in various types, below are some of them:


  • leather floggers
  • silicone floggers
  • suede floggers
  • rubber floggers

If you want to flog your partner for the first time, it’s a good idea to watch video tutorials, have some research or practice using pillows. Remember not to strike your lover with force until you know how to use a flogger.


This form of impact play is almost similar to flogging. The only difference is that whipping uses props or sex toys that are made from leather. Adult toys made from this type of material can inflict welt, cuts and may even draw blood. In this matter, novices must practice whipping using a pillow or a dummy beforehand. Once you get familiar with this kinky play, then it’s time to use a whip.

Whips are long, thin leather adult toys that are often used to inflict pain on a sex partner. This BDSM accessory is ideal for expert sex toy users. This is because it can cause sharp pain, cuts or scars on the skin.

Things to remember before impact play

Before engaging in impact play, there are a lot of things to consider. This is to make your experience exciting and safe at the same time. To guide you, here are a few vital things to remember before your impact play session.

Have some research

It is great to try something new especially if it will give pleasure to you and your partner. However, it’s crucial to have some research before trying any sexual act that might be painful or dangerous. With impact play, it’s better to research first before trying it.

Talk to your partner and ask for consent

Make sure to tell your partner what you prefer to do beforehand. Whether you only want to use your hand to hit them or you want to use a sex toy as prop, ask their consent first. This is necessary to ensure that everything will run smoothly during your sexual activity.

Assign safe words

Safe words are words that are established by couples ahead of time. These are words that are not commonly used during an erotic scene. When you hear these safe words, it’s a signal that you have to end or stop the play.

Know where to strike and areas to avoid

As a general rule, meatier areas of the body are safe to hit. The buttocks, legs and thighs are the safe parts of the body where you can strike your partner.

Remember not to strike the spine and those areas where you can find the vital organs. In this case, the lower back should not be hit. This is because the kidney is located in that area. Other body parts that are not safe to hit are the following:


  • head
  • face
  • ears
  • calves
  • feet

Practice aftercare

Aftercare is a must during impact play. This is the recovery time of both partners after their kinky playtime. During aftercare, couples must understand each other’s physical and emotional needs.

An example of aftercare is offering your partner with an intimate massage. This can give them a comfort touch after your impact play. Moreover, taking a bath together is a good idea. This will give both partners a relaxing and intimate moment together.


Like other forms of kinky fun, impact play can be a great addition to your sexual life. Nonetheless, beginners must go slow, play safe and experiment. Also, make sure to grab the ideal sex toy that interests you and your partner. To get started, this comprehensive guide above can help you to safely explore impact play.

If you need adult toys for your impact play session, don’t hesitate to contact a reliable online adult toy shop. They can provide various impact play sex toys for you. You can also choose from their wide range of sex toys and accessories.


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