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6 Fun adult games to try in the bedroom

on September 16, 2021

Playing adult games can be a fun activity in bed. This can also be a great bonding activity to enhance the intimacy level of couples. Likewise, it can be a perfect gateway for sex.

You can definitely try various adult games in the bedroom to spice up your erotic play with your partner. If you need ideas, here are the 6 fun adult games that you should try in the bedroom.

1. Truth or dare

Truth or dare is a classic game that can be played by couples along with their friends and family. This adult game can bring a lot of fun at any party or even in the bedroom.

This can also be a perfect activity if you want to know your partner better. This is because you can ask some personal questions to your lover in this game.

Playing this game is easy. You can start by deciding who will be the first player. The first person to play must choose between “truth” or “dare”. If the player chooses “truth”, then they will answer a question truthfully. But if they choose “dare”, they will perform a task. Both partners can take turns in this game.

2. Board and Card games

If you want to try something new in your bedtime routine, incorporating board and card games is a good idea. Like sex toys, they are meant to bring fun in the bedroom.

These games can add some flavour to a couple’s relationship. It also strengthens their bond together. Likewise, it allows them to communicate openly and have deeper knowledge about each other.

Some of the most popular board and card games to try are Monogamy, Daring Contest, Dirty Neighbours, What do you Meme, Card against Humanity and many more.

3. Sex dice

As its name suggests, this is a dice game that aims to heighten the sexual atmosphere in the bedroom. It can also be an exciting activity during foreplay.

In this game, the die usually contains the name of the body parts instead of numbers. The body part that shows up when it is rolled must be given sexual attention.

Some innovative version of this game comes with two dice. The first die contains the name of the body parts. While the second die contains the activities to perform. The activity that shows up on the second die will be the action to be applied to the body part.

4. Body painting

Did you know that this activity is one of the best adult game ideas to try in bed? Yes, you can turn body painting into a dirty and exciting game for lovers. This is because the smooth and soft brush strokes while painting can stimulate erotic sensations in both partners.

Furthermore, this intimate game allows couples to express their feelings and emotions in a creative way. This can also help them get closer emotionally.

In this game, washable organic paints and brushes are needed. The canvass will be you and your partner’s body. You can paint whatever you want in this game. Afterward, couples can continue the fun by taking a shower together.

5. A game of sex toys

For couples who are still undecided about which toy to use on their sexual encounter, this adult game is for you. Playing this game is simple. You just have to follow these few steps below:

  1. Put all your favourite sex toys in a bag.
  2. Blindfold your partner.
  3. Ask your partner to pick out a toy in the bag.
  4. And finally, the toy that your partner got from the bag will be your props during your foreplay.

6. Dress up the dessert

This is actually one of the hottest adult games that a couple can try. In this adult game, you can dress up using some edible goodies.

You can try wearing edible undies, candy bra, or edible lingerie that can be purchased in certain adult toy shops. You can also use fruits like cherries and strawberries topped with chocolate sauce or creams.

Make sure to let your partner choose which food to try. This is because they will be the ones to lick and eat them.

Once you dress up like a beautiful dessert, you can now start the action night. Invite your partner and let them undress you by eating the edible goodies in your body.


Sex games or adult games will surely fire up your sexual life. They encourage closeness for couples. Additionally, they can bring a lot of fun into your relationship. So if you want to have a memorable night with your partner, try these 6 fun adult game ideas above.

If you need quality and affordable naughty games for your next gathering or couple’s play, feel free to browse a reputable online adult toy shop. Aside from adult games, they can supply plenty of novelty items ideal for parties and erotic play.


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