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Guide to body-safe sex toy materials

on January 08, 2023

When purchasing sex toys, it is not enough to choose the one that will only give you sexual pleasure. The sex toy that you will use should also be made from body-safe materials. Unfortunately, a lot of people overlook this. Maybe because they don’t know anything about body-safe materials.

As a sex toy user, you must know better about the material of your adult toy. To help you get started, here is a helpful guide for you.

How to know if the sex toy is body-safe?

There are two main things that you should understand when it comes to body-safe materials. Read more below.

Porosity – This term is used to describe how porous a sex toy material is. A porous adult toy usually has tiny holes that allow the air or liquid to pass through. When this sex toy comes into contact with bodily fluids and mucous membrane, mould, mildew and fungus can start to thrive over time. So even if you clean or sterilise a porous sex toy, you will not completely eliminate or remove the harmful bacteria on it.

Toxicity – An adult toy can be “toxic” for a few reasons. One of the most common indications of a toxic sex toy is the presence of phthalates in it. Phthalates are chemicals that are used as rubber softener. Exposure to this chemical can result in a major health problem.

What materials are body-safe?


Silicone is known to be the standard material used for many sex toys. Most high-quality silicone materials are popular because of some reasons. One of the main reasons is that it is non-porous. This means that bacteria don’t linger on its surface. Aside from that, you can clean it easily with warm water and mild soap. Among the most common features of silicone toys is that they are very soft to touch and feel very luxurious.


Glass is a very ravishing material. It has a smooth surface that makes it easy to insert into the body. Glass is considered to be one of the safest materials used for sex toys. They are completely non-porous. Like silicone, they can also be sterilised easily between every use. Another good thing about glass material is that they are compatible with all types of lubricant.

Since this type of material is rigid, they are perfect to use for hitting G-spot or P-spot. They are also ideal to use during temperature play.


Sex toys that are made from crystal usually take the form of dildos. Some people assume that their crystal sex toys are sacred and can give them positive healing energy. As they believed, you may choose to open your heart and mind to the healing energy of the crystal toys.

This material is also non-porous. You can clean it by submerging in salt water and leave it overnight before rinsing. Many believed that it is important to cleanse a crystal sex toy before using to get rid of any collected energy from its past user.


Sex toys that are made from metal are usually smooth and weighty. They are heavier compared to silicone toys. Metal is also a popular material for sex toy because its surface has a tactile nature. Its firmness and cool exterior are perfect to make your intimate scene more wonderful. Like glass, they are also compatible with any kind of lube.


Adult toys that are made of wood are not common like other sex toy material. Thus, if you want to try out this type of material, make sure to purchase it from a reputable brand. They also need to be medical-grade, polished and sealed.

Hard plastic or ABS

This is the standard type of material that is often used for sex toys like vibrators. It is because hard plastic or ABS is a perfect material for sex toys with strong and buzzy vibrations. They are also rigid which is great for targeted stimulation.

What are the potentially harmful sex toy materials?

Jelly rubber

When it comes to sex toys, jelly rubber is probably not a good type of material. This is because jelly rubber often contains chemical compounds like phthalates. This chemical is used in a lot of plastic household items to make them bendable.

According to studies, exposure to phthalates has been associated to male fertility issues, breast cancer, diabetes and other health problems.

Elastomer blends

Elastomer blends are often used for strokers and masturbation sleeves. This type of material is usually soft and squidgy. They are also ideal for sex toys that provide vibration and pressure.

However, this type of material is porous. This means that bacteria might retain on its surface even after thorough cleaning.


Your health can be at risk if the sex toys you use are not made from safe materials. Thus, as a sex toy user, it is your responsibility to have your research before you purchase. You must check the product information to know where it is made of. This guide can also educate you everything about body-safe materials.

If you are planning to use a sex toy, you can purchase them from an online sex toy shop. They are dedicated to supply sex toys that are only made from body-safe materials.


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