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7 Reasons why using a condom is important

on October 19, 2020

With the continuous popularity of condom, it is now considered as one of the best protection against sexually transmitted infections especially if it is properly used. Apart from that, a condom can act as effective contraception for most couples.

Being safe is crucial and must always be the top priority when it comes to sex. But how can you really be safe if you don’t even use any protection during your intimate scene? Since most people use condom, why don’t you give it a try? To help you decide, below are the 7 reasons why it is important to use a condom.

1. Condoms are effective protection against STIs

Proper and consistent use of condom can effectively reduce the risk of certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs). These include HIV, gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

With the wide array of condoms to be used, a latex condom provides an efficient barrier against STIs. However, just remember to keep away from using lambskin condoms because they have microscopic holes. These holes can allow virus leakage to pass through.

To make condom more effective, following these tips below might help:

  • Ensure that your partner has put on the condom correctly.
  • Don’t reuse a condom.
  • Never use male and female condoms simultaneously. It can damage the condom and decrease its effectiveness.
  • Use oil-based lube for polyurethane condom.

2. Protection from unwanted pregnancy

Did you know that when a condom is used correctly, you have a 98% success rate in preventing unwanted pregnancy? Since people sometimes make mistakes in using condom, it is actually 82% effective in actual use. Thus, it is suggested to use other forms of contraceptive aside from condom.

When a condom is used as a contraceptive, it serves as a barrier to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg cell. This barrier ensures that no fertilization and pregnancy will occur.

For condom to be effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy, it should be placed on the penis before it touches the vagina. This is to ensure that the sperm that comes out of the penis before ejaculation will not enter the vagina.

3. Condoms are affordable and convenient

Nowadays, condom is one of the most convenient and affordable methods of birth control. Most condoms that are available in the market today are inexpensive. In fact, the price for condom nowadays ranges from $0.50 – $2 each, depending on its brand and type.

Since condom can be purchased without any prescription from your doctor, they are readily available in:

  • pharmacies
  • supermarket
  • convenience store
  • vending machines
  • online adult shop

Condoms are also available for free in:

  • community health centres
  • some GP surgeries
  • contraception clinics
  • some young people services

4. Condoms has fewer side effects

A condom has lesser side effects when compared to other forms of birth control including spermicidal solutions and pills. However, some people are allergic to latex. If you are one of them, then you must avoid using a latex condom. Instead, switch to a soft plastic like polyurethane. It will protect your skin because this type of condom is hypoallergenic and latex-free.

5. Condom boost sexual pleasure

Apart from providing extra protection during sex, a condom can offer pleasure for couples. Usually, condom comes in various shapes, styles and textures. Several condoms have dotted detailing and ribbed. These special textures of condoms enhance the sensations for most couples.

Using a condom can also be a sexy part of foreplay especially when you let your partner put the condom on your penis and put lube in it. In addition, a condom can make your erotic scene last longer through delaying the ejaculation.

The sexiest part of using a condom is that it lets you focus on your pleasure without any worries of getting pregnant or having STIs.

6. It can lower the risk of getting cervical cancer for women

Unfortunately, some people are still in doubt that condom can prevent the risk of getting cervical cancer. But studies showed that women who allowed their partners to wear condom during their intimate scene have lessened the risk of getting human papillomavirus or HPV. This particular virus causes cervical cancer for most women.

7. Using condom does not require practice

The use of condom does not require any practice to make it perfect. As long as you closely follow the instructions in its manual, then you’re ready to use it. Just always keep in mind that a condom must not be unrolled prior to wearing it. Doing so will increase the amount of air inside the “tube”.


Condom is one of the most accessible options for preventing STIs and birth control. The proper way of using it can make it more effective. With the guide above, you will be more convinced that using condoms is an essential part of your erotic play.

If you’re still looking for a high-quality condom to be used, why not browse for a trusted online adult toy shop today? They will not just provide more information about condom but they can also offer the best options for you.


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