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How safe and effective are condoms?

on September 14, 2020

Male condoms are commonly made from a very thin latex, polyisoprene or polyurethane material. It is usually used to stop the semen from entering your partner’s body.

But nowadays, many people are in doubt of the effectiveness of condoms. Are they safe? Do you need to use condoms all the time? How should you put it on? Even if you are not wearing a condom, it is important to know the answers to those questions.

Here is a blog post to help you get informed. In that way, you can make the best choices for you and your partner’s protection.

Are condoms really effective to prevent unplanned pregnancy?

People who are using condoms properly during sex have 98% chance to prevent pregnancy. But under ideal conditions, it is about 85% effective. This means that out of 100 women, only 15 of them will get pregnant each year.

With that, a condom is considered one of the most effective forms of birth control in the market today. There are even special types of condoms that uses a spermicide to effectively stop sperms.

Can condoms be used as protection from all STIs?

It depends on how it is used. With consistent and proper usage of condoms, there is a significant reduction of transmission of STIs through bodily fluids. Compared to those who don’t use a condom, they are 80% less likely to be infected with HIV.

There are STIs such as human papillomavirus (HPV), herpes, syphilis and chancroid are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. If the condom does not cover the infected area, then these STIs can still be transmitted to another person. However, the risk of transmitting these STIs can be reduced if the infected area is covered with a condom.

Possible reasons why condoms fail

According to studies, the failure rate of male condoms is not less than 14%. To give you an overview, here are some possible reasons why condoms fail.

  • It is poorly manufactured.
  • It is not stored properly at the right temperature.
  • It has reached its expiration date.
  • It is too small or too large for the wearer.
  • It is damaged during removal from its packaging.
  • The lube used is wrong.
  • The wearer didn’t know how to use it properly.

How to use it correctly

Here is a step-by-step guide on the proper way of putting on a condom.

  1. Before anything else, check the expiration date that is printed on its packaging. Do not use an expired condom.
  2. Open the packaging of the condom carefully. Do not use any sharp object to open it such as your teeth or scissors. Once opened, check if it is not brittle, damaged or dried out.
  3. Before wearing it, make sure to check if it will roll on the right direction. The rim should not be on the inside of the dome because it will not roll down properly. Wearing it inside out is the wrong way. When this happens, you should not use the condom again. You should consider getting a new one.
  4. Make sure to wear the condom immediately before it touches your partner’s mouth or genitals. This is because sperm may be already present in their pre-ejaculatory fluid.
  5. You can use lubricant to stop the condom from breaking. But make sure that it is compatible with the condom. Apply a few drops of water-based or silicone lube on the condom. Just make sure to add it inside the tip of the condom. You can also add more lube on the outside once it is already worn.
  6. To insert, just lightly pinch the tip of the condom. Then gently wear it on to an erect penis. There should be a little space at the top for the semen.
  7. You can wear the condom throughout your sex.
  8. Once you are done, hold the edge of the condom. Then slowly withdraw your penis out of your partner’s body. Remember to do this while the penis is still erect so that the condom will not get loose and let the semen out.
  9. Gently remove the condom. Make sure that the semen will not spill.
  10. Then throw the condom away after using. Do not flush the condom since it can clog the toilet.
  11. Remember that you can’t reuse your condoms. You should get a new one if you want another round of vaginal, oral or anal sex.


Condoms can surely protect you against unplanned pregnancy and STIs. To make any condom effective and safe as possible, the best way that you can do is to use them correctly. That is why it is important to have your research about condoms beforehand. It is also vital to know that using condoms is something that you decide and talk about together with your partner.

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