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3 Vital things to know about rabbit vibrators

on October 21, 2021

One of the most well-known sex toys for women is rabbit vibrator or dual stimulator. This vibrating sex toy generally aims to stimulate both the vagina and clitoris.

A rabbit vibrator is often used to provide intense pleasure which leads to blended orgasm. They are also helpful to make women squirt quickly. To learn more about this toy, this blog post will give you insights into the 3 vital things you need to know about a rabbit vibrator. Read here.

1. Brief history

Vibratex is the first sex toy company that brought the dual-action vibrator to the United States in 1983. According to Shay Martin, the Vibratex’s owner, they imported these vibrators from Japan.

Since there’s “obscenity law” in Japan during that time, most vibrators are made with bright colours and look like animals. Most of them look like kangaroos, beavers and turtles. This is to avoid the country’s existing law.

Vibratex also imported some vibrators from China. These vibes resemble a realistic phallus. Since this design is more appealing to women, it became more popular and had its market success.

As the popularity of their dual-action vibrator continues, they are also improving their product designs. Designers at Vibratex added rotating pearls to the base of its shaft. They called this innovative sex toy “Rabbit Pearl”. It was released in 1984. This was considered to be the first-ever rabbit vibrator.

2. How to use a rabbit vibrator

A rabbit vibe can be used either for solo or partnered play. Generally, it is enjoyed by most women during solo sessions. On the other hand, men use this sex toy as a substitute for the penis during penetrative sex.

To start your exploration with rabbit vibrators, here are a few steps on how to use this toy.

During solo play

1. Use plenty of lube

Applying lube to a rabbit vibe helps to keep things comfortable. This also allows the sex toy to run and vibrate smoothly into the body.

2. Start with external stimulation

Use the ears of the rabbit vibrator on the clit first before inserting the shaft in the vagina. Then, set the vibration at a low setting. Just gradually increase the vibration as you get familiar with this toy.

3. Find out the depth of penetration that works best for you

Slowly insert the shaft. Then, play around with the depth of penetration. This will give you an idea of what angle works best for you. You may also try various intensities and patterns of vibrations to intensify your experience.

4. Try different positions

Many people prefer to lie on their backs when using a rabbit vibrator. Others enjoyed using this toy while they are standing, sitting or kneeling position.

5. Explore the back door

A rabbit vibrator has an external arm. This essential feature makes this toy ideal for anal play. This can prevent this sex toy from getting stuck in the rectum.

In addition, your rabbit vibe should be made from non-porous material for safety purposes. You may also put a condom on your toy for extra protection.

During partnered play

1. Let your partner watch you while using a rabbit vibrator

It can be super sexy if you let your partner watch you while having a solo pleasure. This will give them an idea of what makes you feel good.

2. Share your rabbit vibe with your partner

Using a rabbit vibe to stimulate your partner’s sensitive spots can make them feel good. You can stimulate the shaft of the penis or vulva using this sex toy.

3. Give your partner control of the rabbit vibe

Let your partner control the rabbit vibrator during couple’s play. This will allow them to explore and tease you with different intensities of vibrations.

3. Choosing a rabbit vibrator

Like other sex toys, rabbit vibes come in various materials, sizes and shapes. To guide you in selecting the right one, read this information below.


Rabbit vibrators are often made from glass, stainless steel and medical-grade silicone. Among these types of materials, the best option is medical-grade silicone. This is because it is body-safe, non-porous, soft, hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

Other types of materials for rabbit vibrators are plastic, vinyl, and elastomer. These types of materials are porous. That’s why they are the least preferred materials for a rabbit vibrator.


Rabbit vibes don’t have one standard size. Their shaft and bunny ears come in various sizes. Some are extra-thick, extra-long or short. Others also have slim ears. With so many options, it is crucial to carefully choose the one that suits your preferences.


Rabbit vibrators come in many shapes. The traditional ones usually have a straight design. Others have curves and textured parts.

If you want to hit the G-spot easily, choose the vibe with a curved shape. Moreover, if you’re into a natural look, select the traditional ones. This is because their bulbous nose usually looks like the penis’ head.


A rabbit vibrator is indeed a versatile sex toy. It can be used by both men and women during solo or couple’s play. Nevertheless, before using this adult toy, it’s crucial to have knowledge on how to use them. You also have to choose the one that suits your preferences to make the most out of this toy. Hence, you should read these 3 vital things to know about rabbit vibrators.

If you want to experience internal and external stimulation, then using a rabbit vibrator is absolutely a must. If you need one, contact a trustworthy online adult toy shop. They can supply quality rabbit vibrators and other sex toys needed for your next solo and couples play.


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