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11 Interesting facts about condoms

on August 25, 2020

With the continuous improvements in sexual health, condom also has become more popular. In fact, it is now considered as one of the effective tools in preventing sexually transmitted diseases if properly used. A lot of people utilise it not only for their protection but also to explore and experience more pleasurable sex.

Have you ever asked yourself where does the idea of using condoms come from? To explore the primitive beginning of condoms, this blog post will boost your knowledge about it. Listed below are the 11 interesting facts about condoms that you may never know.

1. The first use of condom happened in 3,000 B.C.

Around 3,000 B.C., King Minos of Crete used a goat’s bladder sheath during intercourse with his wife. This is to protect her from his semen. It was believed that his semen has full of serpents and scorpions that also killed his mistresses.

2. 12,000-15,000-year-old painting of a man using a condom

For those who don’t know, condoms have been used since mammoth hunting days. In fact, there was evidence found on the wall of a French cave. It was a 12,000-15,000-year-old painting which indicates that a variant of condoms has been used in early 1200 BC.

The condom that was illustrated in the painting was likely the innards of animals or linen cloth. This old painting was considered the earliest illustration of a man using a condom.

3. Linen sheaths used by the Ancient Egyptians

According to history, the first civilizations to use linen sheaths are the Ancient Egyptians. Evidence from 1000 C.E. states that linen sheaths were used as protection during intercourse. This is to prevent bilharzia, which is a disease caused by a parasitic flatworm. These flatworms are also known as schistosomes.

4. Condoms were only used by middle and upper classes

During the early years, condoms were only used by people in the middle and upper classes. This is because they can afford to purchase it. Moreover, people in the lower class have a lack of education about sexual health. So they are not aware of using condoms.

For prostitutes, they considered the cost of condoms as equivalent to their 3 months’ salary. During that time, condoms are only available at the pubs, barbershops, chemist shops, and in the theatre.

5. Condoms as protection for STIs during the Roman Empire

It was believed that condoms evolved when an outbreak of syphilis occurred in Europe and Asia during the fall of the Roman Empire. To help people practice safer sex, an inventor named Gabriele Falloppio tested linen sheaths to see if they can prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

The linen sheaths were tested among 1,100 men. The result shows that none of them caught syphilis. After this, advancement came in the condom technology. One of the most popular is when Charles Goodyear invented the rubber vulcanization process. His invention brought to the creation of the first rubber condom.

6. First rubber condom in 1855

In 1855, the first-ever rubber condom was created. People considered this type of condom a more economical choice because of its reusability.

The size of the first rubber condom is quite small. It was designed to only cover the glans of a penis. So to get the correct size, the doctor has to measure each man to get the right fit.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with rubber condoms. Even if they get the fit before they purchase, rubber condoms still fall off while using. This is the reason why manufacturers produced full-length one-size-fits-all condoms.

7. First latex condom in 1920

Latex condom was invented in 1920. Basically, latex material was formed when the rubber dispersed in water. Latex condoms are known for their strength. They can even stretch up to eight times before they fail.

Nowadays, latex condoms can be lubricated with spermicide and come in a variety of flavours.

8. In 1640, a condom made from the bladder was discovered

Condoms were made out of bladder and intestines during the Renaissance period. Typically, they only use those intestines for glove making.

Until in 1640, a condom made from the bladder was discovered in an English privy. King Charles’ soldiers were believed to use this type of condom.

9. In 1957, the first lubricated condom launched in the UK

Condoms were very popular between the early years of the 1900s and 1950s until their design was improved. Aside from that, they become thinner, safer and more comfortable to use. And finally in 1957, the first lubricated condom was launched in the UK.

10. The discovery of AIDS led to the biggest spike for condom

When AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome was discovered as a sexually transmitted disease in the 1980s, it led to the biggest spike for condom usage. It became a popular device used for the prevention of STIs.

11. 25.8 million female condoms distributed in 2009

In 2009, the need for condoms in some places around the world has increased. With the help of international and non-government funding, almost 25.8 million female condoms were provided. As a result, the distribution has been risen by 10 million between 2008 and 2009.


The idea of safer sex has been explored even in ancient history. These facts about condoms demonstrate its effectiveness to fight against STIs and other venereal diseases. Moreover, it is being used as a device for birth control. Nowadays, many people used condom to have a safe and more exciting sexual life.

With a wide variety of condoms available in the market today, you can pick the one that suits you the most. To guide you in choosing, there are some online adult shops that will surely provide you with the most trusted products. Aside from condom, they also have sex toys such as vibrators, dildo, personal lubricants and many more.


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