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5 Aspects to learn about flavoured condoms

on October 12, 2020

As time changes, the art of love-making also had its major transformations. Before, condoms only come in a conventional and tasteless variety. But today, you can now purchase flavoured condoms that smell and tastes like chocolate, strawberry, orange, mint and a lot more.

Some people might think that flavoured condoms are some kind of sales trick from different manufacturers. But actually, there is a good reason why flavoured condoms exist. To help you understand it better, here is a blog post on what you need to know about flavoured condoms. Read more below.

1. What are flavoured condoms?

Basically, flavoured condoms are just regular condoms but with specialised flavours. They usually have a pleasant aroma to make your erotic scene more engaging. It can also heighten your experience during sex.

Flavoured condoms are designed to make sex more fun without overlooking the protection that normal condoms provide. The most common flavours that are available today include strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, orange, and fruity.

2. Why do condoms have flavours?

Flavoured condoms are essentially created to be used during oral sex. They usually have flavoured coatings that help mask or hide the taste of the latex. Read below about the things that flavoured condoms do.

  • It takes your oral sex game to a whole new level

One of the major reasons why these condoms have flavours is that it can spice up your oral sex game. Since unflavoured or conventional condoms taste quite bad, flavoured condoms are thoughtfully designed to enhance oral sex.

You can never go wrong with oral sex when it comes to foreplay. Oral sex is an act where you stimulate the erogenous parts of your lover’s body using your lips, mouth and tongue. Men specifically love this sensation. But for women, the taste of the lube on the regular condom can be horrifying for them. Thus, they can use flavoured condoms.

  • It makes your sexual experience even more vibrant

To make sex even more pleasurable for couples, the condom industry has been constantly improving themselves. That is why flavoured condoms are now available in colours that complement their flavours. For example, a cola-flavoured condom is brown or black in colour. These can make your sexual experience more exciting, lively and pleasing to the eyes.

  • It keeps STDs away

One of the easiest ways to transmit STDs is through oral sex. Hence, it is vital to use a condom while enjoying oral sex. A condom is considered as another layer of protection during sex. It can also make your love-making session even more pleasurable.

  • It is more than its taste

For most people, condoms with flavours will just give a thrilling treat to your taste buds. But another benefit of flavoured condoms is their smell. Having an alluring smell during your intimate session can be a mood booster for you and your partner. The fragrance of flavoured condoms can also make you feel good.

3. Using flavoured condoms for safe oral sex

If you want to protect yourself against STIs such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis, you have to use condoms during oral sex. As you may know, STIs can be transmitted not only through vaginal or anal sex but also through oral sex. If you’re having oral sex without protection, then your health might be at risk.

4. Are flavoured condoms safe to use?

Generally, flavoured condoms are safe to use. Moreover, flavoured condoms are equally as effective as the standard ones. However, flavoured condoms may not be suitable for penetrative sex because most flavoured condoms have sugar. When this ingredient is exposed to your genitals, there is a higher chance that you will have vaginal irritation or yeast infection.

Unless the flavoured condom is indicated as sugar-free, then you can use it for sexual intercourse. This type of flavoured condom will not affect the pH balance of the genitals during sex.

5. Tips for using flavoured condoms during oral sex

Here are some tips on how to use flavoured condoms. Read here.

  • Always choose the right fit for your condom.
  • Make sure to verify the expiry date on the condom. Moreover, there should be no holes or damages on the product.
  • If you are planning to use flavoured condoms for penetrative sex, always choose the sugar-free variant to avoid health problems in the future.
  • Always use condom-safe lubricants. This is to prevent condoms from breaking down and degrade.


Using flavoured condoms will definitely spice up your relationship with your partner. Aside from that, it can also protect you from STIs and other infections. With the right knowledge and proper usage, both of you will enjoy your erotic experience and be safe at the same time.

If you want to shop for affordable and high-quality flavoured condoms, don’t hesitate to browse your favourite online sex toy shop. They have available sex toys and accessories according to your preferences.


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