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How to be the best in bed for him: 7 tips included

on August 06, 2020

Have you ever wondered how to impress your man in bed? For some, it may be awkward and quite embarrassing to talk about this topic. But knowing how to please your partner during your bedtime scene is crucial. This is to make sure that your relationship with your man will stay strong.

Actually, some men have different ways on how to feel good in bed. But for others, a simple erotic gesture can easily turn them on. To help women out there, here are ways on how to be the best in bed for him. Read here and try these tips on your partner.

1. Don’t forget foreplay

Many couples forget that foreplay can be as hot as your main sexual intercourse. For those who don’t know, foreplay is a sexual activity before intercourse. It is usually done to prepare you and get you into the mood.

You can start by even just sending a sexy text message to your lover. This will totally make him excited. You can also try to touch him passionately until he’s ready for more intense erotic acts.

2. Focus on his sensitive parts

Generally, the tip of the penis is a sensitive spot in a man’s body. You should give special attention to where your partner is most vulnerable. Even a flick of your tongue on his genitals can leave your man speechless.

3. Touch the unexpected places

Did you know that there are a lot of areas when men find it pleasurable to touch besides the penis? These are commonly known as erogenous zones. These areas may include the torso, ears, neck, scrotum, nipples, perineum and even his hands.

4. Slow down

When you are in your climax, your body will naturally go fast. But it is also worth noting that decelerating can be powerful. When starting any activity, a light technique goes a long way. Once you are done teasing him, you can definitely go full blast.

5. Dress up

When you want to impress your guy, then it is a good idea to dress up on your bedtime play. You can wear anything see-through to get your partner’s attention.

For others, it is not just about wearing lingerie or anything erotic. It is really a turn on for guys to see their partner feel good about their body and dress confidently, especially during their sex scene.

6. Incorporate a sex toy

Sex toys are not just for people who want to go solo. There are plenty of toys for couples. There are also a lot of toys nowadays that are specifically made for men.

Using adult toys can also help you understand what they like. In this way, you will know where to touch them to experience an intense sensation.

When choosing the right sex toy, bigger ones are not always the best. Make sure to pick the perfect couples’ toy that will suit your preferences.

If you want to put a good show in bed, you can even get BDSM toys. These devices will give colour and add excitement to your relationship.

7. Talk dirty

Basically, a lot of men really like that their girl will talk dirty to them. Talking dirty does not require you to be excessively sexual. There are dirty talks that are very subtle.

Moreover, this gesture will help you to create a little world between you and your partner. You can also consider it as your own little secret where only the two of you can understand.

Talking dirty is also great for building sexual tension. This will keep the guys thinking about their partners. It will also tease them and make their relationship more exciting.

When you choose to talk about sweet words or you’re getting nastier, always consider the tone of your voice. You also have to talk a little softer and slower than usual. This will give a bigger impact on your partner’s ears during sex.


Most men are shy in disclosing what they really want during sex. That is why you have to make efforts on trying and experimenting with different ways to please them.

Fortunately, these tips above can surely help you learn and understand what they like in bed. To make your experience more satisfying, using a good quality sex toy can add a little bit of naughtiness and fun to your intimate play.

If you are interested, you can get your favourite sex toy from an online adult toy shop near you. They can offer different sex toys according to your needs. These may include dildos, cock rings, vibrators, anal plugs and many more.


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