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Sex toys and self-love in time of pandemic

on September 03, 2020

During the coronavirus lockdown, some businesses shut down. While other industries were booming. This includes the sex toy industry. In fact, sex toys sales have been increasing in some places around the world. Spikes have been reported in countries such as New Zealand, US, Australia and many more.

Since this pandemic makes people stuck at home, they deal with this isolation time in different ways. Some people are busy organising their stuff at home while others are busy doing their own little thing. These may include exploring their sexuality by using sex toys.

If you are one of those who want to use this quarantine time to explore the world of sex toys, then reading here will help you get started. It can also guide you to understand the ways on how to practice self-love in this time of the pandemic.

Exploring sex toys in time of Covid-19 lockdown

Staying indoors and maintaining social distancing in the time of pandemic can be stressing, depressing and can cause anxiety. Even the activities that you usually do are now limited. So some people make new ways to fight the boredom with the use of sex toys.

  • Using sex toys for single people and couples in long-distance relationships

There are many sex toys that single people can try during this isolation time. These may include rabbit vibrators, masturbation sleeves and many more. These sex toys are perfect during masturbation.

To fulfil your sexual desires while your partners are away, sex toys such as dildos, vibrators and butt plugs can be used while video calling your lover.

  • Using sex toys with your partner

If you are lucky enough to be with your partner during this pandemic, then you can definitely have more time to explore your sexuality together. For most couples, this Covid-19 outbreak is their opportunity to try exciting and adventurous ways to maximise their intimacy levels. This is also a perfect time to discover new ways to connect more with their lover. There are a lot of adult toys for couples nowadays like BDSM toys, strap-on dildos, etc.

  • Using sex toys if you are with other people

For those who are not isolating alone or with partners, they might feel awkward in using sex toys especially if they are living with their parents. This is because they don’t have a lot of privacy. Thus, it is a good idea to purchase a waterproof pleasure toy that can be used in the shower.

A good discreet sex toy to start with is a clitoral stimulator. Some clitoral stimulator is powerful yet still quiet when used. This is the best option for women who are isolating with their family or housemates.

With all the new health protocols today which include social distancing, wearing masks, etc., many people can feel more stressed, isolated, lonely, and bored. But by exploring your sexuality, you can have more time to know yourself better. Using sex toys during this time of pandemic also means practicing self-love.

What does self-love mean?

A person can be able to practice self-love if they fully understand what does it really mean. Self-love means appreciation for oneself. It is also known for having a high-regard with one’s well-being and happiness. Moreover, it is another way to say “self-care”.

It might also mean something that is unique in every individual. In addition, it is being aware of how you feel and what makes you really feel good.

Ways to practice self-love

Covid-19 pandemic changed the way how people live. And this reality poses challenges for everyone. To deal with these challenges, practicing self-love is essential particularly when it comes to emotional health and well-being. To guide you, listed below are some ways to start practicing self-love.

  1. Always start the day by telling something really positive to yourself. For instance, you might tell yourself, “How lovely you look today and how well you handled different situations” or anything that will surely make you happy every day.
  2. Remember to eat healthy foods and fill your body with nutritious drinks.
  3. Always be with those people who really love you and will encourage you. Let them always remind you how amazing you are.
  4. Stop comparing yourself to someone else. It is good to understand that everyone in this world is unique.
  5. Embrace those things that make you different from the other. This will definitely make you feel special.
  6. Remember to be patient but always be persistent. Self-love in this time of pandemic is necessary. You should always support yourself through this hard time.
  7. There is always something to be grateful every day. You just have to find it out. If you experienced challenges, then it is normal. Learn to be grateful for the things that you have. This will help you shift your mind and energy around what’s going on.


Having sexual activity can provide some assistance to get through these tough times. You can do it on yourself or with a lover using sex toys. It can help relieve stress and stimulate the release of hormones. With adult toys, you can still be sexually satisfied with or without your sexual partner.

Apart from having time with your sexuality, it is also vital to consider your emotional health and well-being. Practicing self-love can help deal with challenges during this pandemic time. Aside from that, it will give you a more solid foundation to fight stress.

If you want to explore sex toys today, then visit a trusted and well-known adult online store might help. They can even provide you with a wide range of quality adult toys to choose from.


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