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Beppy - Wet Poly Sponges

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What is Beppy - Wet Poly Sponges

This sex toy accesory is a special-made cordless tampon. It is soft and can be used while making love! It is perfect for women who are active and always on-the-go.

    • It is a soft, flexible and cordless tampon.
    • It is also invisible, unnoticeable and easy to remove with its clever loop.
    • This product supports the women's natural bio-system.
    • It is safe to use since it can be worn for a maximum of 8 hours, longer than your regular tampons. 
    • It has a medical lactagel with a fresh lavender scent.
    • It has also no oils and condom safe.
    • Use it conveniently in the sauna, sports, swimming, or even while making love, without losing blood.  
    • This product is NOT a contraceptive. It is for single use only.

    How to use

    With your hands already clean, fold the Beppy Comfort Sponges into halves. Then press it together and insert it just like the regular tampon.

    Beppy Comfort Sponges has a medical lactagel which makes inserting seamless.

    After the insertion, leave the tampon for a maximum of 8 hours. You can do different activities and you won’t even notice that you have Beppy Comfort Sponge inside you.

    Tips and Reminders

    • Don’t forget to change your tampons on time. If you have a heavy flow, you have to change more often.

    • To remove the tampon, use your index finger and use the removal loop to pull it out.

    • Even when you have your menstrual flow, making love with your partner is possible with Beepy Comfort Sponges.


    Special Features:

    (a) Cordless tampons

    (b) Invisible and unnoticeable

    (c) Safe

    (d) Hygienic

    (e) Long lasting

    (f) Easy to remove

    (g) Fresh lavender scent

    (h) No oils, condom safe

    (i) Single use only

    (j) NOT a contraceptive

    Material: Medical lactagel

    Why should you try Beppy - Wet Poly Sponges

    Want to have sex but you can’t because you have heavy menstrual flow? Beppy Comfort Sponges is the answer!

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