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12 Tips on how women can be good in bed for their partner

on July 22, 2020

How can you please your partner in bed? This is just one of the many questions most women may ask nowadays. Fortunately, there are lots of books and instructional videos devoted to answer this question. There are also plenty of advice available online. But, perfecting your love-making session is not the sole path to have better sex. This is because not everyone has the same way of reaching their orgasm.

When it comes to knowing what makes your partner tick in bed, some people considered trying mind-blowing sex positions. But according to a clinical psychologist, stimulating and gratifying sex is all in the timing, communication and spontaneity.

To give you some ideas to go from zero to fabulous sex, here are 12 tips on how women can be good in bed for their partner.

1. Initiate the first move

Many men are attracted to women who make the first move in bed. Making the initial move during sex shows that you are confident in front of your partner. It can also be a sign that you are interested in them.

2. Set the mood through foreplay

Expert says that setting the mood during sex is vital. This is the reason why foreplay can be a great way to increase sex drive, excitement and desire.

Below are some of the foreplay activities that you should try.

  • Whispering what you really desire
  • Kissing your partner’s body
  • Massaging their body
  • Taking off your clothes in front of your partner
  • Handjobs or fingering your partner’s genitals
  • Having oral sex

3. Spend time with yourself

Knowing what you like in bed is one of the best ways to have good sex. Thus, understanding your pleasure potential is necessary. You can do this by spending time to explore your body. It can definitely help you to be more interested in sex.

4. Try different positions and locations

Even great sex can start to feel boring over time if it’s just the same old routine. Try something new by mixing things up. You can also experiment with other positions that you and your partner might enjoy. To explore different positions, you can take some inspiration from porn, erotica or the Kama Sutra.

Furthermore, you can try new places to have sex. It can be on the sofa, in the car, in the kitchen or even in the bathroom.

5. Experiment with Sex toys

One way to enhance sexual experience is to shop for adult toys together. Making things fresh and spontaneous is a great way to keep your sexual routine more fun and interesting.

Sex toys like a simple vibe is ideal even for first-timers. It can be an exciting add-on in case you’re in the mood to explore for more.

6. Play erotic music and make some noise

Playing some erotic music is one way of setting the scene. You can also be vocal during sex with moans, sighs, grunts or whatever comes out of your mouth during your erotic scene. By doing this, you can express yourself which might increase pleasure.

7. Be confident

The sexiest thing a woman can wear in bed is her confidence. Don’t worry about your looks. Just be confident. In that way, your focus will only be on how you feel and not on how you look in front of your partner.

To be more confident with your looks, here are some tips to consider:

  • Wear lingerie that perfectly fits your body for a sexier look.
  • To make you feel fresh and clean, take a shower before going to bed.
  • Moisturize your skin with lotion to keep it soft and supple.
  • Approach your partner with a smile as a sign that you’re excited to be intimate.

8. Focus on quality rather than on quantity

There is no right amount of sex. As long as both partners are satisfied, then you’re doing great.

A study suggested that more sex doesn’t mean better sex. This is because the happiest couples nowadays are those who have only one sex in a week. They are more focus on how much pleasure they experience in one session and not on how often they have sex with their partner.

9. Have empathy with one another

When it comes to sex, empathy is often overlooked. This feeling is incredibly important. This is because when you feel that your partner cares about your pleasure, you’re going to be more interested in having sex with them.

Sex can be confusing, awkward, weird and hot. So it is vital to have room for a lot of feelings in order to create an amazing erotic experience.

10. Explore other erogenous zones

Many people tend to jump right to the genitals when it comes to sex. But in reality, people have multitude of erogenous zones in the body.

Some people find having the nape of their necks caressed extremely erotic. While some really love touching their nipples and other erogenous zones.

11. “Talk Dirty”

During sex, talking dirty can be a daunting task. But actually, dirty talk can elevate your sexual experience. It allows you to communicate with your partner in an exciting way.

12. Follow your fantasies

For some people, they considered fantasies as the most honest part of their sexuality. It doesn’t need to be acted in real life, but it can serve as a valuable guide.

Some examples of these fantasies are the arousing thoughts and ideas in your head, the type of porn you watched and other things that turns you on.


To make your partner feel good in the bedroom, it is a good idea to mix things up and try something new. Aside from that, being sexually confident is also important. If you are confident in bed, it is easier to explore new things with your partner. It can also make your sexual relationship healthy, strong and exciting.

If you want to explore your partner even further, trying out different sex toys can help. For your convenience, you can check out some reputable online sex toy shops today. They can provide quality adult toys for you to try for your next sexual exploration.


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