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5 Things a beginner should know about tongue vibrators

on April 27, 2022

Aside from penetration, many women also enjoy receiving oral sex. But oral stimulation is one of the least known practices when it comes to sex. A lot of people also don’t want to try it or don’t have any idea about it. This may be because of the lack of knowledge about this sex practice.

Good thing, there are sex toys that can provide stimulation comparable to oral sex. These are tongue vibrators. To know more about this sex toy, here are 5 things a beginner should know about tongue vibrators.

All about tongue vibrator

As its name suggests, tongue vibrators are sex toys that are in the shape of a tongue. They are mainly used for sexual stimulation. They are perfect for oral pleasuring and imitating oral sex especially during masturbation.

Tongue vibes are usually made of smooth and soft silicone material. They are designed to look and feel like a human tongue.

The main reason why people use it is to achieve orgasms. Tongue vibrators are effective adult toys that can bring you to climax whether you are alone or with a partner.

Kinds of tongue vibrators

Here are some of the popular kinds of tongue vibes.

  • Flickers – They have small, thin and tab-like tongues that flutter rapidly.
  • Flappers – They usually have stiff tongues that automatically sway up and down.
  • Massagers – These sex toys don’t have defined tongues. But they replicate tongue movements like swirling and rubbing the nubs.
  • Swirlers – They are toys with multiple tongue flaps that twirl or spin.
  • Rigid tongues – They are tongue vibes that don’t move mechanically. But they vibrate to make their tips flap or flicker.

Ways to use a tongue vibrator

Erogenous zone exploration

A tongue vibrator is a perfect partner for solo erogenous zone exploration. To do this, start by getting yourself into the mood. You can caress the parts of your body using a tongue vibe. Go over your neck, chest and your nipples. You can also run the vibrator in an up and down motion on your arms, inner thighs and around the abdomen.

Vulva exploration from the labia to the clitoris

With a tongue vibe, you can explore your vulva. Using a drop of compatible water-based lubricant, caress the labia and clitoris using a tongue vibrator. You can also play with the various pressures and vibration modes to see which one will suit your preferences.

Partnered play

After you experiment with tongue vibes on yourself, you will be confident to use it with a partner. Both of you can take turns in using the vibe. Tease each other’s bodies by using stroking motions and tracing patterns and find out which one feels good.

For butt play

If you are a bit hesitant and feel less confident to try oral sex on your partner’s anus, then tongue vibes can be used. Just explore your partner’s butt using the tongue vibrator. Then you can ask them which stroke or motion gives chills and toe-curling sensations.

Safety considerations

When using a tongue vibrator, here are some safety guidelines that you must take into consideration.

  • Play with your tongue vibrators the way you are supposed to. It is advised not to experiment with this toy.
  • Don’t share your vibrators with anyone. This is to avoid the risk of getting infections and STIs.
  • Wash your tongue vibes before and after you use them.
  • Store your sex toys appropriately.
  • Always read instructions and labels before using the sex toy.

Picking the right tongue vibrator

To choose the best tongue vibrator, you must follow these tips below.

  • Trying different tongue sex toys can help you find the best one for yourself.
  • Know what you like in oral sex before purchasing a tongue vibrator.
  • If you will use a tongue vibe with a partner, consider their preferences too. Both of you should agree on which tongue vibrator to use.
  • Some tongue vibrators come with special features. You must choose the one that will suit your sexual needs and desires.
  • Make sure to pick a tongue vibe that is made from high-quality materials especially if you have sensitive skin. You can also get a non-porous sex toy since they are easy to clean.


Tongue vibrators are sex toys that also deserve your attention. They may look scary and intimidating to other people but this adult toy will definitely help you achieve climax. They will surely tease the most sensitive parts of your body with their rotations, beating tips and tension patterns. This beginner’s guide is a perfect source of information if you want to try out this sex toy.

For those who are interested, tongue vibes are usually available at an online sex toy store. Aside from that, they can provide other sex toys like dildos, cock rings, vibrators, penis pumps and many more.


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