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6 Vital Tips in choosing a flogger

on March 23, 2022

A flogger is one of the most popular BDSM accessories. Using this adult toy can enhance your impact play experience. This sex toy consists of tails attached to a handle. They come in a variety of colours, styles, designs and materials. So choosing the right one might be overwhelming especially for beginners.

When picking out a flogger, certain aspects should be considered. This is to get the sensation you want to experience. Fortunately, these 6 vital tips will help you make a great decision when choosing the right one.

1. Understand the flogger materials

If you’re interested to try a flogger, understanding what material it is made of is the best way to start. Different types of material can provide various sensations. Thus, your choice will depend on the sensation you preferred.

Basically, floggers can create two kinds of sensation. These are sting and thud. Sting is referred to as a sharp sensation that fades over time. Contrarily, thud is described as a deep and dull sensation. This sensation is more painful than a sting.

As your guide, here are the most common flogger materials and the type of sensation they provide.

  • Leather – They usually provide medium to heavy sting and decent thud. But the sensation you’ll get depends on the type of leather used. If you want to leave marks and welt on your partner’s body, then a leather flogger is an ideal option for you.

Here are the types of leather that are commonly used for a flogger.

a. Suede – This type of leather is soft and flexible. It usually provides more thud than sting.
b. Oiled leather – This is a stiff type of leather. A flogger that is made from oiled leather is capable of producing medium to a high level of sting. This is perfect for advanced players who are into a severe sting.
c. Buffalo hide – This type of material is heavy. They usually produce a deep thud and mild sting.

  • Polyurethane – It gives a lot of sting, but fewer thud. This is the best option if you want to leave marks and wounds.
  • Nylon – This material is soft. The sting and thud it provides depend on the cord’s thickness. Floggers with thin lashes tend to produce a fairly intense sensation than the thicker ones.
  • Rubber – It has firm yet flexible falls. It produces a heavy sting like leather. It is not recommended for novices since it may cause serious bruises.
  • Silicone – It is almost similar to rubber. The only difference is that this type of material is soft. It can also be sterilised. Moreover, it creates a heavy sting like rubber.
  • Rabbit fur – This type of material is very soft. It can only create a little to no sting and thud. That’s why it is a good option for first-timers.

2. Select your preferred colour

Floggers come in various colours. There are black, red, pink or blue options. You can just select the colour that is aesthetically pleasing to you.

The colour of the flogger will determine the mood you portray. It also plays a vital part in people’s perceptions.

3. Choose the ideal length and width

One of the vital considerations when choosing a flogger is the length of their tails or falls. This will determine how much you can control the swing of the flogger.

For novices, the ideal one is about the length of their forearm. This is the perfect length to prevent tangling. It can also give the user easy control of the flogger. Contrarily, expert users can use a flogger with longer falls. This is because they can effectively use it without tangling. There’s also less possibility of hitting themselves.

Furthermore, a flogger with wider falls can provide more thuds than those with thinner falls. With wider falls, more areas are exposed. This will allow you to easily meet the target body parts.

4. Understand the number of tails

Different floggers vary in number of tails. They generally come in 20, 30, 40 or more falls. Floggers with several tails produce a dull and thud sensation. Using a flogger with more tails will also allow you to spread the sensation to a larger area. On the other hand, floggers with fewer tails can produce a sharper sting. Only small areas can also be struck with this type of flogger.

5. Look for the handle design

You must also consider the handle design in making your choice. It all depends on your personal preferences.

A handle that feels comfortable to your hand is generally the best option. Apart from giving you comfort, it should also help you easily master this tool. Another good option is a handle with weight inside. This feature will counter-balance the weight of the falls. This will allow you to swing the flogger with ease.

6. Take some time to research

One of the most important things to do when finding the right flogger is to have some research. Reading product reviews from some trusted online adult toy stores is a good idea.

Another way is to talk to people who already tried this kind of sex toy. They can definitely give reliable feedback about the sensation that a flogger can provide.


When selecting a flogger, understanding their different characteristics is crucial. This is because each flogger can provide the user with different sensations. The experience of the person who will use the tool should also be taken into consideration. Moreover, these 6 vital tips can definitely help you decide which flogger to be used.

Now that you’re armed with several insights about a flogger, choosing the right one will be easy. To start off, just contact a reliable online adult toy shop. They can surely offer high-quality floggers that can be used on your next impact play adventure. Aside from floggers, you can also try their various BDSM sex toys and accessories.


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