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Male sex toys: How to choose the best one

on August 06, 2021

Male sex toys are specifically designed for men’s use. This means that they are intended to stimulate the penis and the prostate. Before, they are not as popular as female sex toys. But now, many men have become enthusiasts of using adult toys.

Nowadays, men’s sex toys have different types, sizes, materials and shapes. That’s why most novices find it hard to select the right one for them. However, the selection process will be easy if you know what stimulation you want from the start. Additionally, this quick overview of male sex toys will give an idea on how to choose the best one for you.

Know the different kinds of male sex toys

There’s a wide range of male sex toys in the market today. To guide you, here’s the breakdown of the most common sex toys for men.

Male masturbation sleeves

As its name suggests, male masturbation sleeves are used to enhance solo play or masturbation. It is also known as cock sleeve and pocket pussy. This toy has a soft, pliable sleeve wherein a man can insert his penis.

For beginners, these things should be considered when choosing male masturbation sleeves.

  • Decide on the orifice

Primarily, you have to determine whether you want to try a masturbation sleeve with vaginal entrance, a set of soft lips or an anal entrance. You may also consider those with a functional and neutral appearance.

  • Understand the suction choices

Masturbation sleeves come with different suction options. These are open-ended and closed-end. Masturbation sleeves with open-ended are easy to clean. But they can’t provide the same amount of suction and pressure that a closed-end offers.

On the other hand, closed-end suction usually traps the air to provide a tight feeling. Nevertheless, this toy is quite hard to clean.

  • Know the size of your penis

There are many sizes available for masturbation sleeves. So before purchasing, it’s vital to know the size of your penis. This will give you an idea of what sleeve size fits you.

Cock rings

These are flexible rings that often wrap around over the base of the penis. Its primary purpose is to constrict the blood flow to maintain harder and bigger erection. Furthermore, cock rings are used to help men last longer during sexual intercourse.

There are many options for cock rings materials. These are silicone, leather, rubber and metal.

Also, provided here are their different types.

  • Adjustable rings- These rings use adjusters such as D-rings, snaps or lasso-style. Its adjuster enables men to easily wrap on and remove this toy.
  • Stretchy rings – This type of ring is a closed circle. It is usually made from soft silicone to allow users to stretch it easily. It is worn around the penis and underneath the scrotum.
  • Vibrating rings – These rings feature a small motor to provide vibrating sensations on both partners. Unlike other rings, vibrating cock rings are often worn at the base of the shaft.
  • Solid rings – These cock rings are not ideal for beginners. In addition, this cock ring is usually worn over the base of the penis and behind the scrotum. It is specially made to be worn all day. That’s why choosing the one that comfortably fits the penis is necessary.

Penis Pump

These male sex toys are often called vacuum pumps or vacuum erection devices. Generally, they are made of a plastic tube. It also consists of a pump attached to a tube and a rubber ring that fits on the base of the penis.

Penis pump helps men maintain harder and longer erection during penetrative sex. This sex toy is ideal to use for men with erectile dysfunction.

Prostate stimulator

A prostate stimulator is a sex toy that aims to stimulate the prostate. They are closely similar to butt plugs and dildos. The only difference is that they have a curved and bulbous tip. Their shape makes it easy for this toy to reach the prostate when inserted into the anus.

Some prostate stimulators come with a vibrating feature. Their vibration can provide more pleasure to users. Furthermore, it is an ideal sex toy for masturbation, foreplay and couples play.

Choose the best sex toy materials

Male sex toys are available in a variety of materials. As your guide, here are brief descriptions of each material.

  • Steel – Male sex toys that are made from steel are durable. They are non-porous, easy to clean and have a luxurious look.
  • Glass – Glass sex toys are often described as sleek and sexy. They are also available in various sizes, shapes and colours. Likewise, these sex toys are usually handmade like a work of art. Most of them are made from durable borosilicate glass (Pyrex). Like steel, glass sex toys are non-porous and easy to clean.
  • Silicone – When purchasing male sex toys, make sure to choose the one with 100% pure silicone. This type of material for sex toys will provide non-porous and body safe benefits.
  • Stone/crystal – They are mostly hand-curved. However, you have to avoid toys with sharp edges to protect yourself from possible injuries.


Male sex toys generally help men improve their sexual stamina. They also enhance sexual intimacy and improve orgasm between couples. On top of that, picking up the right one that perfectly fits you is crucial to guarantee great pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

Apart from the valuable information above, a trusted and informative online adult toy shop can supply the right male sex toys for you. They can also provide you with essential insights about sex toys. On top of that, they have a wide array of quality and durable adult toys for you to try.


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