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Sex toys for him: A guide to men’s pleasure

on October 16, 2020

Basically, a lot of sex toys today are mostly designed for women. In fact, owning a sex toy for women seems like a trend nowadays. But unfortunately, it has been a stigma for men to have or use adult toys.

Male sex toys are also not as abundant as female toys in the market. After all, this doesn’t mean that men should not try them out. Using male sex toys can help you reach a higher pleasure level that having mutual masturbation. For your reference, this blog post is a guide to men’s sex toys.

Myths about using male sex toy

In the past years, only female partners are taking the roles of pleasuring themselves using sex toys. In some cases, this is viewed as a liberating act and a sign of personal sex control.

But it is the total opposite among men. It was believed that using male sex toys degrade their masculine value. Different people have also various opinions on why men should not use adult toys. One of the most common and disturbing reasons is that they are thought to be gay if they use sex toys.

Fortunately, this is not true to all. In fact, there is no connection between using adult toys and being gay. Whether you are straight men or gay, you can definitely use a sex toy.

A man who uses adult toys is the one who values enjoyment, cares about their partner’s sexual satisfaction and someone who is mindful of their health. Hence, there is no need to intrude or stop them from using one.

Different sex toys for men

Here are some sex toys that are specially made for men’s pleasure. Learn more about them below:

  • Masturbation sleeve

This sex toy is also known as pocket pussies, stroker or masturbator. It is a tunnel-shaped sex toy with textured skin that slides over your penis. It is used to simulate or replicate the sensations during sex. It is often used during solo play.

Masturbation sleeve comes in a lot of choices according to your personal preferences. There are strokers that are designed specifically as stamina trainers to help couples build up their performance.

  • Penis extender

As its name implies, it is a sex toy that fits over the penis to enhance length and girth. Basically, it extends the length of the penis to have a more delightful experience. It is usually made of soft and flexible material so that it can stretch a little bit.

Some penis extenders have textured nubs or ridges on its shaft. Other variants also have a removable vibrating bullet to add variation to your senses.

  • Cock rings

Cock rings are stretchy bands that are worn all over the base of the penis. Its main goal is to constrict blood flow to experience harder, consistent erection and heightened sensitivity.

Cock rings can be purchased in different types of materials. These include soft silicone, leather, hard wood and even metal. There are also other cock rings that come with various designs such as glans rings and extra rings for both testicles.

  • Prostate massager

Prostate massagers can serve two functions. Before, it was used medically to check and diagnose prostate cancer. But eventually, it has become a popular sex toy among men. Now, prostate massagers are basically used to massage the prostate to help achieve orgasm.

Since the prostate is often described as the male G-spot, stimulating this part can help enhance erection size and strength. Aside from that, it can increase the overall power of orgasm in men.

  • Penis pumps

Penis pumps are used to help men achieve an erection easily. It is also used to temporarily increase the size of the penis. Penis pumps are available in various designs. Some have a pistol-style handle design. There are also those with a pneumatic bulb handle for better accuracy.

Moreover, some penis pumps are used during foreplay because of its added vibration features. This can make your experience pleasurable and satisfying.

  • Specialised lubes

Delaying or desensitising lubes are products that are used to help delay orgasm and allow men to experience long-lasting sex. It usually contains ingredients like benzocaine, lidocaine, and prilocaine. These components can help in numbing the skin easily.

These products are commonly used by men who are experiencing premature ejaculation. According to studies, using delaying lubes few minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse can delay your orgasm 6x more than the usual.


Using sex toys for men will not only provide health benefits but also increase enjoyment in bed. It can even help you become a better partner while exploring your sensuality. Thus, there is no need for you to shy away from trying or buying one.

Before anything else, you have to take your time to pick the best toy that will meet your expectations from the choices above. Once done, you can check out your online sex toy store to purchase your adult toy. They can provide a wide selection of sex toys for you and your lover.


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