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Top 10 sex documentaries that you should watch

on June 14, 2020

Having some time to reconnect and bond with your partner is important. After long hours of work, you both deserve to relax and have some fun. It is also a good idea to have a date night at home while watching some good movies and documentaries.

If you are not involved in a serious, romantic relationship, then do not fret. You can still enjoy watching documentary films even if you are single. It can educate you on a wide variety of subjects including sex, lives of porn stars, sex trades and many more.

Just take note that these movies may not be intended to arouse you. Nonetheless, these films are just an honest look at the culture of sex and the business around it.

So grab your popcorn and make yourself comfortable. If you want some inspiration, here are the top 10 sex documentaries that you should watch.

1. Hot Girls Wanted, 2015

This movie is a documentary movie about the trend of young women (most of them are from high school) that are being recruited as amateur porn stars through the internet. On this movie, young women from ages 18 to 25 were interviewed along with their recruiter.

The documentary was very successful that it even had a six-part television series. This television series tackles a wide range of subjects relating to sex and sex trade.

2. After Porn Ends, 2012

This is a documentary movie that examines the lives and careers of the popular porn stars in the history of adult entertainment industry. It also talks about their retirement phase as they attempt to “move on” and live a normal life.

As teenagers and young adults, most of them never thought that porn was in their future. But after living their lives as porn stars, some of them become TV stars, bounty hunters, social activists and writers.

3. Bettie Page Reveals All, 2012

This documentary recounts the life of the world’s greatest pinup model and cult icon, Bettie Page. This film explores her extraordinary life growing up in a tough childhood until she found a career as the “Queen of the Pin-up Girls”.

The movie also recalls her later years as she struggles with unhappy marriages and mental illness.

4. Kink, 2013

Kink is a documentary movie produced by James Franco. This documentary is about the BDSM website and fetish empire It explains the BDSM lifestyle and why the BDSM community is a fascinating subculture.

Some people may often misunderstand those individuals who make BDSM porn. But the truth is, it is a career with a group of intelligent, driven and charismatic people who really love what they do.

5. Unhung Hero, 2013

This story is about the journey of Patrick Moote. Patrick publicly proposes to his girlfriend while being shown on the big screen at a basketball game. Unfortunately, the girl refuses his proposal. This failed proposal went viral.

Later on, his girlfriend mentioned that she rejected his proposal because of his small penis. Knowing this reason, Patrick travels the world to consult porn stars, doctors and anthropologist to find out if size really matters.

6. La Bare, 2014

This is a documentary film about the world’s most popular male strip club, the LA Bare Dallas. This features the lives of the club’s most popular dancers. You can take a look into their rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. You can also witness their lives in a more intimate perspective.

7. Back Issues, 2014

This is a movie about the controversial story of the famous porn magazine, the Hustler. You can have a complete look at the personalities and features that made Hustler the most offensive magazine of all time.

In this film, they had candid conversations with the magazine’s controversial publisher, Larry Flint. They also talked about Flint’s struggles to survive an assassination attempt.

8. Paris is Burning, 1990

This is a documentary film by Jennie Livingston. It recounts the “ball culture” of the African-American, Latino, gay and transgender community.

It also focuses on the lives of drag queens in New York City. This documentary talks about certain issues relating to racism and poverty.

9. Scarlett Road: A Sex worker’s Journey, 2011

This is a story of an Australian sex worker named Rachel Wotton. She helps clients with disabilities to experience sex on a regular basis. Moreover, this documentary gives voice to disabled men as they reveal their needs for sexual gratification. They also share the therapeutic aspects of human touch, sexual intimacy and moments of sexual self-discovery in the lives of disabled men.

10. Insight: Good Old Sex, 2013

Are you wondering if your grandparents still had sex? Then this documentary will answer it for you. Award-winning journalist Jenny Brockie shares her candid conversation with seniors about sexuality.


Sex can still be a taboo topic for others. But these documentary films played a tremendous role in rolling back these taboos by letting people speak openly about sex and sexuality.

These films can educate you on various topics that deal with sex. It also gives you a closer look at the lives of different individuals including porn stars, sex workers, adult magazine authors and many more as they share their side of the story.

If you are looking for more topics about sex, go ahead and check out some blog posts from reputable websites. Some of these sites can also provide you with sex-related products such as sex toys, BDSM accessories and many more.


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