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Understanding Anal Play

on April 14, 2023

Anal play has become less taboo among sex couples nowadays. Nevertheless, some people are still hesitant to try it. Maybe because they find this sexual act uncomfortable. Some women also think of it as a controversial sex act. Moreover, people with lack of information about anal sex considered it “non-traditional”.

While some people are still doubtful to try anal play, others considered it as their most preferred sexual activity. This is because they find it more pleasurable than vaginal penetration. To know more about anal play, here is a relevant guide to understanding this sexual practice.

Anatomy of anal play

To understand anal sex better, it is vital to know how your body works during this sex activity. Here are the body parts that are used during anal sex with their functions and characteristics.

  • Anus – This is where human’s body waste are excreted. It is a hole that is located at the end of the digestive tract. The anus is composed of skin layers with numerous nerve endings. This makes it sensitive especially when stimulated.
  • Rectum – It is located just above the anus. Compared to the anus, it is a less sensitive area.
  • Anal sphincter – It is a muscular ring that maintains a seal that restricts that passage of any faecal material. Although it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, you can contract and relax it voluntarily with proper practice.

Preparing for anal play

  • Before having anal sex, try to avoid eating too much protein-rich diets. These foods may harden the faeces. Instead, eat more high-fibre foods. These can help clear out body wastes.
  • You should also avoid drinking beverages with caffeine like coffee or drinking too much alcohol.
  • Make sure to empty your bowels approximately 30-60 minutes before having anal sex.
  • If you want your anus and rectum to be clean and free from any poop, you can clean them with warm water and soap or a hypoallergenic wipe.
  • You can also try douching before anal sex. However, it is recommended to avoid excessive use of anal douches or enema. This is because constant use of these products can cause mucosal lesions. This can make you more at risk in getting STIs.
  • Keep in mind that anal sex can get a little “messy”. Thus, it is important to create a comfortable environment with your partner.
  • You must talk to them beforehand and familiarise yourselves with this sex act. You can also discuss on what to expect and your limitations or boundaries.
  • Always assign a safe word before having anal sex. This can be a less intimidating word, phrase or gesture that you can use when things go wrong during your erotic play.
  • There are various sex toys that are specifically designed for anal play. These include butt plug, anal beads, anal vibrators and many more. You can use them to add more excitement and flavour to your butt play experience. Just make sure to familiarise and practice how to use them before your anal sex. This is because some anal sex toys can be too daunting especially for beginners.

Tips for better and safe anal play

Before trying out anal play, it is crucial to know how to make this sexual activity better and safe. Below are some tips that you need to know.

  • Lubrication is important during any penetrative play. This is because it makes insertion easier and less painful. But unlike the genitals, the anus and rectum don’t release any bodily fluids. Thus, you need to use compatible lubricants during anal play. Water-based lubricants are highly recommended to use. This is because it is easy to use and doesn’t ruin your condom or sex toys.
  • Before penetration, make sure that the anal muscles and anal sphincter are relaxed. This is to avoid trauma or injury to the anal tissues. To start with, you can slowly insert one finger first to the anus.
  • It is also crucial to remember that initial penetration should be slow. This is to allow your body to relax and get used with the sensation. This will also prevent anal fissures.
  • According to studies, anal sex can carry higher risks of HIV infection compared to vaginal and oral sex. Thus, it is crucial to use condoms during anal sex.


Contrary to what some people believed, anal play can be an extremely erotic and exciting sex activity. It can also be a sexy and fun addition to your sexual routine. You just have to research and equip yourself with enough knowledge to enjoy this erotic act. Good thing, this quick guide can give you reliable information about anal play.

To make your butt play experience more pleasurable, you can add sex toys into the mix. Feel free to visit a reputable online sex toy shop to get anal toys. They can also supply adult toys depending on your erotic needs.


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