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3 things to know about orgasms

on December 08, 2022

There are a lot of discussions about the “Big O” or the orgasms. Not all people also feel the same when it comes to orgasm. Some may describe it as a subjective experience. So, what is exactly an orgasm? Are all orgasms the same? How can you achieve it? These are some of the questions that need to be answered.

To help you clear up the confusion, below are the 3 important things that you should know about orgasms. Read more below.

Defining orgasms

An orgasm, also called climax or cum is known to be the peak of any sexual excitement. It is a powerful feeling of erotic pleasure. As your body releases tension, the perineal muscle, reproductive organs and anal sphincter simultaneously contract.

As a person reaches orgasm, their bodies release endorphins. This hormone makes them feel really good. For men, they usually ejaculate once they achieve orgasm. While for women, their vaginal wall contracts and they experience squirting.

Types of orgasms


  • Clitoral orgasm - The clitoris is a complex wishbone-shaped organ that can be found near the vaginal opening. Stimulating this pleasure spot will lead to clitoral orgasm. This type of orgasm usually achieved if you know what the clitoris is and where it is exactly located.
  • G-spot orgasms – To achieve G-spot orgasm, you must stimulate the G-spot properly. The G-spot is a specific spot that is located around 2 inches inside the front of the vaginal wall.
  • A-spot orgasms – The A-spot or anterior fornix is an erogenous zone that is located beyond the G-spot and above the vaginal wall. This orgasm is quite rare for some people since they don’t really know how to stimulate it.
  • Cervical orgasms – According to experts, it is difficult to distinguish the difference in sensation between vaginal, cervical, clitoral and G-spot orgasms. The cervical orgasms occurs when there is pressure applied to the cervix. This is commonly achieved through deep penetration.
  • Anal orgasms – This type of orgasm is a satisfying result of anal play. With anal orgasms, many couples, regardless of their gender, can experience it.
  • Combo or Blended orgasms – This orgasm is the result of stimulating various erogenous zones simultaneously. With this orgasm, there is a lot of room for experimentation.
  • Oral orgasms – As its name suggests, it is an orgasm that is made orally or by the mouth. This is done either through cunnilingus, fellatio or 69ing (sharing oral sex with a partner).
  • Nipple orgasms –The nipple is very sensitive to touch. This erogenous zone can be stimulated through nipple play. Through nipple stimulation, one can surely experience nipple orgasm.

Ways to achieve orgasms

Regardless of the type of orgasms you want to try out, below are some ways to help you achieve orgasms easily.

  • Communicate with your partner

It is vital for couples to communicate no matter what kind of orgasms they want to experience. Make sure to tell your partner what you really like and the things that turns you on. In this way, things will go smoothly as you explore each other’s pleasure.

  • Be involved

If you want to have an orgasm, you need to be involved in your erotic scene. This means that you can moan, whisper, talk dirty, shout and do anything you want. By doing these, it will be much easier for you to have an orgasm.

  • Use sex toys

To help you on your way toward self-exploration, you might need a sex toy along with you. Sex toys can build up sensation to help you reach the peak of sexual pleasure.

One of the most common adult toys that is used to achieve orgasm is the vibrator. This sex toy can move at a constant speed and intensity which is very pleasing as you rub it all over your body.

  • Spend more time on foreplay

Based on studies, a lot of women need more physical and emotional stimulation to get aroused, lubricated and ready for an orgasm. That is why foreplay is very crucial.

Foreplay should not be rushed or considered as an obligatory task for couples. Both partners should understand that foreplay can begin hours before the actual sex occurs. And every intimate thing that you do to your lover will prepare them for orgasms. You can caress their erogenous zones to create sexual tension, kiss them, stimulate them mentally, take a shower together and many more.


Orgasm is one of the greatest feelings that you can experience during sex. But it is also important to understand that all bodies and one’s pleasure are different. That is why exploring and experimenting with your partner is a vital part in achieving orgasm. The points that were discussed above can also be a great guide and starting point for beginners.

If you want to explore your orgasm using a sex toy, feel free to check out an online sex toy shop. They can supply all sorts of adult toys depending on your sexual needs and preferences.


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