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3 Things you need to know about kinks and fetishes

on December 30, 2022

When people are talking about sex, you may hear about kinks and fetishes. This is because these sexual practices are often performed during erotic play.

Many couples enjoy adding kinks and fetishes to their sexual routine. While others are still confused and don’t know what it is all about. Some may even think that these two terms are synonymous. Are kinks and fetishes really the same? If they’re not, then what are their differences?

For those people who are still baffled, here is a blog post on the things you need to know about kinks and fetishes. Read on here to learn more.

Defining kinks and fetishes

A kink is a general term that covers any sexual activity that could be considered to be unconventional or unusual. On the other hand, a fetish is a sexual fixation on a certain material or act that is necessary for an individual to achieve sexual satisfaction. A person might have a kink and a fetish or multiple of both.

According to sex experts, the difference between kinks and fetishes can be difficult to distinguish. This is because these two terms have a lot in common. And sometimes, their distinctions may overlap. But in simple words, a kink is described as a sexual preference while a fetish is a sexual need.

Various examples of kinks and fetishes


BDSM is a sexual act that stands for bondage, discipline, submission, sadism, and masochism. This sexual practice may sound scary. But actually, it is not intended to hurt someone. It is just about exploring each other’s boundaries and levels of control.


This is another common kink that involves couples taking on characters or roles that are outside of their everyday lives. Some popular examples are doctor and patient role-play, boss and secretary role-play and professor and student role-play. You can wear simple or extravagant outfits but they are actually not required. Most role-playing scenes can also be created entirely through dirty talks.

Fetish for materials

There are people who are sensualising certain materials like lace, silk, nylon, leather or latex. This means that they need to use these objects as part of their sexual play to get turned on.

Foot fetish

This is one of the most common fetishes among heterosexual men. Having a foot fetish means that they are sexually attracted to someone’s feet, regardless if they are clean or not. Sometimes, others may engage in foot worship wherein they treat their lover’s foot as a holy object. They usually kiss, caress and massage it. Other foot fetish activities include smelling their partner’s feet or shoes and giving pedicures.

Voyeurism and exhibitionism

Voyeurism is a practice where one gains sexual pleasure from watching others having sex. Contrarily, exhibitionism is an act where someone enjoys being watched while masturbating or having sex. These two kinks should come together consensually. This means that a voyeur and exhibitionist should ask for consent from each other before indulging.

Useful tips when trying kinks and fetishes

Involve your partner

If you want to incorporate a certain kink or fetish into your erotic routine, talk to your partner beforehand. This can help you decide which kinks or fetishes you’re going to explore.

You can start by sharing your mutual fantasies. Then discuss how you will perform it. You can also set some boundaries to make your erotic play safe. Additionally, make sure to take it slow and don’t rush to a more intense act. This can help build up emotions and trust.

Have your research

If you want to try a kink for the first time, it is vital to have your research beforehand. Some of the kinks and fetishes can be dangerous like bondage play and gagging. You can take classes, read blog posts or watch tutorial videos online. There are also free online workshops where you can learn the basics. It is important to know how to do it before trying it on your partner.

Incorporate sex toys

To make it more fun and exciting, you can incorporate sex toys into your kinks and fetishes. There are a lot of sex toys nowadays that can make your fantasies and fetishes happen. For instance, if you want to try BDSM, you can find a wide range of toys that focuses on this kink like handcuffs, bondage tape, paddles, blindfolds and many more.


It is important to understand that having a kink or fetish is not bad. In fact, some people considered these sexual fantasies to be one of the easiest ways to be satisfied in bed. Nevertheless, no matter what you’re interested in, trying kinks and fetishes with your partner should involve good communication, consent and compromise. In this way, both of you will be on the same track when it comes to your sexual urges.

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