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A complete guide to safer sex during the pandemic

on June 28, 2021

In this time of the pandemic, many people are staying at home to protect themselves against the COVID-19. This will be a great time to bond with the family, do hobbies or organise things at home. While some people are busy doing these activities, others may spend time exploring their sexual life.

Generally, sex is one of the vital aspects of a couple’s life. Nevertheless, as the COVID-19 continues to spread, sex becomes more complicated. People nowadays are worried that they may get the virus through sexual intercourse. Hence, practicing safer sex is crucial. To give you insights, read this complete guide below.

Essential facts about Covid-19

COVID-19 is actually not a sexually transmitted infection. It primarily spreads through respiratory droplets. Respiratory droplets may include saliva, cough residue and sneeze snot. It is also possible to get the virus when you touch surfaces that have been in direct contact with the infected individual.

Certain studies also show that the virus can be found in faeces and semen. That’s why sexual activities such as blow jobs and rimming may increase the risk of getting the disease.

Some people with COVID-19 may be asymptomatic or show no symptoms. Although they show no symptoms, having sex with an asymptomatic person will not guarantee that you’re safe.

About safer sex

Before, practicing safe sex is essential to prevent the risk of getting STIs and HIV. But now, since the whole world is in the midst of the pandemic, the definition of safer sex has expanded. These days, it is defined as having sexual contact while protecting both partners not just from the risks of getting STIs but also against COVID-19.

An effective way to practice safer sex

Experts believe that limiting your interaction with other people is one of the effective ways to reduce the spread of the COVID-19. Thus, the best partner to have during this time of the pandemic is you. Having a solo play or masturbation is the best option to keep you safe.

Masturbation can be more pleasurable if you use a sex toy. Nevertheless, it is vital to consider basic hygiene before doing this sexual act. Washing your hands and cleaning your sex toy is the best way to start.

Aside from yourself, having consensual sex with a partner that is within your household can be considered. As long as you know that your partner is healthy, then this will be another safe option for you.

Sex tips for sexually active people

For those sexually active people, having sex with someone outside the household can be risky. To be safe, consider these tips below.

  • Limit the number of sexual partners as possible.
  • Avoid having sex with people who have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Avoid kissing.
  • Minimise sexual acts such as oral sex since it has a higher risk of virus transmission.
  • Use dental dams and condoms during anal and oral sex.
  • Opt for a doggy style or other sex positions that are facing away from each other.
  • Wear a mask during sexual acts.
  • Wash your hands or take a shower before and after sexual activity.
  • Sanitise your sex toy before and after use.
  • Disinfect the place where you have sexual activity using soap and alcohol wipes.

Skip sex if both partners are not feeling well

Most COVID-19 patients may show symptoms such as shortness of breath, fever, cough, and loss of sense of taste or smell. As mentioned above, some are asymptomatic or no symptoms. Knowing both partners’ health conditions is necessary before having sex.

If you or your lover is not feeling well, then it’s better to skip sex. Additionally, if either you or your partner is experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms, it’s crucial to isolate and get tested.

Embrace technology

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, then worry no more. Beyond sex, there are other ways to maintain your intimacy with your lover. Below are some tips to consider.

Go on a virtual date

When you’re setting up for a virtual date, you must be creative. Make it more fun and intimate. One of the best ideas is to watch movies together using the Teleparty apps. This is an application wherein you and your lover can watch TV remotely. Others also enjoy working out together and play games virtually.

Have phone sex

Some people experience arousal when they hear the voice and moans of their lover. Apart from that, you can make use of dirty talk, smacking and bed squeaking during phone sex. It can be more pleasurable if you do masturbation using your own hands or a sex toy while talking to your lover.

Sexy texts

You can try sexy texting by telling your partner about what you want to do when you meet again. Reminding them of your hot sex experiences in the past is also a good idea. Aside from that, you can both share your sexual secrets or fantasies.

Moreover, you can send a full or partially nude image. But make sure that you have the consent of your lover beforehand.


It is really possible to explore sex in the midst of the pandemic. Nevertheless, you have to follow the COVID-19 protocols to enjoy it in a safer way. Moreover, this guide to safer sex will definitely help reduce the risk of getting STIs and COVID-19.

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