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Beginner’s guide to Balls and Eggs

on March 25, 2022

When it comes to sex, many believed that bigger is better. This implies that for you to experience pleasure, you must have a bigger penis, breasts or sex toys. However, this idea is far from reality. For sure, larger sex toys can give a pleasurable sensation. But smaller adult toys can also be a sheer delight.

One of the most common small sex toys that can provide big thrills are balls and eggs. To learn more about these toys, below is a blog post on the things that you should know about balls and eggs.

Get to know balls and eggs

Based on their names, their designs are pretty simple. Balls are sexy spheres that don’t usually vibrate. On the other hand, love eggs are small egg-shaped toys that come with vibrating options and are operated by remote control. Both balls and eggs can be used internally or externally for various purposes.

Types of balls and eggs

Today, balls and eggs have so many names. Some of them are named after the design of the particular product, for whom it will be used and how it is marketed. It also comes in various textures, materials and attributes and can be used in different ways as you like it.

To give you a brief summary, below is a quick comparison of its types.

For balls

Nowadays, love balls, jiggle balls, Ben Wa balls and Kegel exercisers are some of the names for these adult toys. Although there can be a very slight difference between these sex toys, all of them are used to provide pleasure. They are also mainly utilised to strengthen, tighten and tone your vaginal muscles. These can provide various health benefits.

For eggs

For eggs, there are vibrating and wireless options. Vibrating eggs have vibrating features. One distinction of this toy from the wireless eggs is that the remote control is directly connected to the toy itself.

On the other hand, wireless eggs also have vibrating features. But as its name implies, it has a wireless remote to power up the vibrations. This sex toy is great for couples who want to be naughty during their erotic scene.

Other features of balls and eggs

These sex toys are usually made of a sensual type of materials like jelly, silicone, glass and steel. Each type of material can deliver an entirely different sensation. Generally, the harder the toy is, the more intense the stimulation you get.

Both balls and eggs can be used for Kegel exercises. If you are planning to use it for vaginal workout, then it will be a great idea if you prepare soft and hard balls and eggs.

There are also other features like vibrating balls and eggs. Many women enjoy clitoral stimulation with this type of toy. Aside from that, it can also give a sexy sensation if it is used internally as it vibrates against the vaginal walls.

Furthermore, balls and eggs can be an amazing anal sex accessories. Just see to it that you picked the right variant for anal play. Use the one that is attached to a cord or a string. This is for you to pull out the toy easily from your body.

Ways to use balls and eggs

Before anything else, it is vital to prepare your sex toys. Make sure to clean the toys after removing them from the packet. Wash it with hot soapy water or spray some sex toy cleaner. Do this before and after using them. And also, don’t forget to apply some compatible lube to the toy for easy insertion.

If you want to use balls and eggs for solo play/masturbation, you can simply slip the toy inside your vagina. For an excellent experience, you can use a vibrator on your clitoris while inserting the eggs and balls.

Contrarily, if you have your partner, using these sex toys can provide an extra treat. For instance, you can give the remote control to your partner. In this way, they can control the vibrations as they desire. By doing this, you can add thrill to your erotic experience. Balls and eggs can also be used when both of you are giving and receiving oral sex.


One of the exciting things when it comes to exploring sex toys is that you will never know what might be fantastically hot until you try it. Many people have been ignoring small sex toys such as balls and eggs before. Good thing, this blog post can educate you that these types of toys can also bring satisfaction to your erotic scene. It can also provide numerous benefits for your pelvic floor muscles.

To have some great results, go ahead and try balls and eggs. These are available at your favourite online sex toy shop. You can also find high-quality sex toys in many different shapes and sizes to complete your collection.


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