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Guide to choosing the perfect sexy lingerie

on August 28, 2021

Whatever reason you have in mind, wearing lingerie during your wedding night, honeymoon or bedtime play is fun. Lingerie is a set of undergarments or sleepwear with fancy styles. Wearing lingerie can transform you into a special, daring and sexy diva in bed.

Nowadays, you can find plenty of sexy lingerie in the market. There’s also a whole bunch of styles and designs that you can see while you’re shopping. Most of them have a tempting look. But to avoid any buying mistakes, here is a guide to choosing the perfect sexy lingerie. Read on here.

Know your size

If you are planning to purchase lingerie, it is important to get your size first. This means that you need to know your bra size, your waist measurement, and hip measurement.

It is crucial to know that lingerie is created for men and women to embrace their innate sexiness. Thus, size really matters when it comes to wearing these undergarments.

Familiarise the types

If you are browsing for lingerie, you may come across a lot of designs. To help you choose, listed below are some of the common types of lingerie.

  • Bikini

This is a sexy pair of underwear that can be worn solo or be paired with a camisole. Most bikinis have a classic cut and a low rise. It usually offers coverage in the back to make the wearer look sexier.

Some examples of bikinis that women can wear during their romantic night date are lace trim bikini and floral embroidery.

  • Bodysuit

A bodysuit is a two-in-one sexy lingerie. It consists of a bra and underwear. Most women prefer this lingerie to those with two separate pieces. This is because it provides more coverage.

Bodysuits are perfect to wear during your wedding night, Valentine’s Day, anniversary date or any special occasion with your lover.

  • Bra

A bra or brassiere is form-fitting lingerie that is designed to support and cover the breasts. Women have different purposes for using a bra. Among these are general breast support, creating cleavage, enhancing breast size and other practical or aesthetic purposes.

Bras come in different styles. These include push-up, triangles, demi, balconette, full-cup, plunge and many more.

  • Bralette

A bralette is just a bra but has no underwire or any other structural elements. It usually offers less support to the breast. Bralettes are typically designed to be worn as an outerwear top.

  • Bustier

If you are looking for lingerie that can accentuate your cleavage, then a bustier is perfect for you. It is an extended bra top that covers the torso. For your late night date, a bustier with strappy styles is perfect to wear. If you want to be more showy, a bustier with attached garters can be a great choice. You can also add thigh-high stockings for a playful look.

  • Camisole

Camisole or cami is a lingerie tank top with spaghetti straps. They usually have a satin or silky fabric which gives off a luxe vibe. You can pair it with tap shorts for cosier feel.

  • Chemise

This is a small slip dress or undergarment that is frequently loose-fitting. Some women can pair it with a matching bikini or thong.

  • Thong

A thong usually resembles a bikini bottom when viewed in front. But at the back, it only has a small strip of fabric to show off the butt. It is perfect to wear during your late night intimate session since it is daring and sexy.

Choose quality over quantity

Most women cannot afford to buy a lot of lingerie since some of them are expensive. Thus, it is important to remember to always purchase the one that is within your budget. Also, choose those high-quality lingerie because they will last.

Choose the colour that suits you

Always keep in mind that a colour that suits the model on the website may not look good on you. Don’t be tempted by its vibrant colours.

Know what colours will compliment you the most. Do not choose the colours that can make you look washed out. Nude, white and ivory are the most preferred ones for lingerie. Many women also look good with red lingerie. That’s why it is the all-time favourite colour for undergarments.


Shopping for lingerie can be difficult if you don’t have enough knowledge about the product. Good thing, this blog post can be your guide in choosing the best one. Nevertheless, wearing the perfect sexy lingerie is not only to please your partner. It is also one way of indulging yourself and be confident with your body.

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