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How to be more sex positive: 7 tips included

on September 07, 2020

Being sex positive is having an attitude that helps people especially the young ones to dismantle the shame of exploring sexuality. It helps them learn some skills about sexual consent, safer sex, positive relationships and communication. It also enables someone to have a good foundation for a romantic relationship.

To be sex positive doesn’t necessarily mean having sex all the time. It is all about accepting and being open to other people’s consensual sex lives.

To give you a better understanding of how to be sex positive, here is a blog post. Read here to learn more.

About sex positive

Before anything else, it is vital to understand what sex positive is all about. Being sex positive is maintaining a positive mindset towards sex. It is also respecting the sexual preferences of others. It means being comfortable with your own sexual identity and embracing the importance of safe sex.

Furthermore, sex positivity is described as an attitude of considering all sexual activities as healthy and pleasurable. People who are sex positive encourage sexual experimentation to experience pleasure.

In addition, sex positive people can decide what they really want. They won’t let other people dictate on what they should do on their sex lives.

To understand more about sex positivity, below are some examples of sex positive behaviours:

  • They are open for discussion about sexual preferences and aversions with their lover.
  • Being understanding and comfortable even their partner doesn’t want to have sex with them.
  • Willing to be tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when it is needed.
  • Practice safe sex by using birth control methods like condom and other contraceptives.
  • Accept other people’s sexual practices even if what they did is different from yours.

7 Tips on how to be more sex positive

1. Educate yourself

Take time to educate yourself. Talk to other people about their experiences and sexual preferences. This will help you to be aware of how people enjoy their sexual lives. In that way, you will be able to understand them. And this will bring you closer to your own sexuality.

Aside from your friends, you can also learn from the internet about all aspects of sexuality. You can research some ways on how to safely indulge in any kinks.

2. Understanding sexual preferences

Remember that not all people have the same sexual preferences. What will turn you on might not do the same to others. So, if your partner wants to try something that is not interesting to you, talk about it. Try some ways to make you feel mutually happy. In that way, you will ensure that both of you are getting what you want from your erotic play.

3. Love your body and have time to explore it

Loving your body is an important element of sex positivity. This is because body and sex is a necessary pair when it comes to sex positivity. You must have a positive view of your body to appreciate sex.

A good way to start this is to learn your anatomy. Enjoy sex even when you’re alone. Feel free to explore your own body. You can try different sensations that your body enjoys. In that way, you will be familiar with what turns you on and what’s not.

Moreover, you must love yourself physically, spiritually, emotionally and even its perfect imperfections and uniqueness.

4. Start an open communication with your loved ones

Talk about sex topics with your partner or even with friends. Actually, doing this can be fun, educational and constructive. Having this sort of private conversation can make you feel empowered in some aspects of your life.

5. Respect consent

Consent is a topic that is uncomfortable to talk about. So it is important to bring it up with your partner. Like so, you will ensure that both of you have a mutual desire to participate in sexual activity.

If you feel you’re not in the mood, then it’s fine. Never apologize. You have to understand that sexual activity without consent is a form of sexual violence. Therefore, you have to respect other’s consensual choices when it comes to their body.

6. Consider sex as a healthy and fun activity

Eliminate your inhibitions and awkwardness about sexuality. It will definitely promote more sex positivity. Just consider sex as a part of your life and appreciate it.

7. Be an advocate for sex education

If you have any awkward memories about sex, then you must not feel horrible about it. Instead of being ashamed of that experience, why not try to be an advocate of sexual education? With that, others will also learn from you.

Moreover, you should try to encourage those people around you to do the same. Therefore, the next generation will be more aware of the importance of sex positivity in their lives.


Being sex positive is an attitude that everyone must possess. Don’t be awkward in exploring your sexuality. Once you have a positive attitude towards sex, you will be able to understand others preferences, urges and desires. And one of the most important benefits of being a sex positive individual is being able to experience a freedom of choice.

If you still believe that sex is embarrassing, then it’s time to switch it on a positive attitude. You can also start to use sex toys to spice up your relationship. There is an online sex toy shop that can provide adult toys of your choice. Feel free to check them out!


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