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10 Interesting items that can be used as sex toys

on September 16, 2020

For couples and even for single people, there are a lot of things that you can do to spice up your sex life. One way is to use sex toys. Nowadays, adult toys are already accessible through physical sex toy stores or online. But if you are too shy to shop for a sex toy or you’re just on a tight budget, then do not fret!

There are actually items that can be used as an alternative for sex toys. Fortunately, these items are readily available in your kitchen or closet. You just need to be creative and try different ways to enjoy it. To help you in your journey to orgasms, here are 10 interesting items that can be used as a sex toy.

1. Ice cubes

As you may know, there are many ways to incorporate ice cubes into sex. It will definitely make things hot in bed. To start with, try running an ice cube over your lover’s body. This is a fun and innovative way to begin your foreplay routine.

Aside from that, ice cubes can also be used as a great tool for oral sex. To do this, put the ice cube in your mouth. Then using your mouth, slowly rub them all over their body. For a more intense effect, you can follow up this routine by kissing their body or applying any oil.

2. Tape

If you are up for a BDSM game, then tape can be a good alternative for a handcuff. It is also great for punishment for your roleplaying. By just sticking it and removing it on their body, it can absolutely give them a titillating sensation.

3. Showerhead

Did you know that a showerhead makes a good clitoral vibrator? Simply turn on the shower and experiment with the different temperature settings and speeds. Many women agree that the steady flow and pressure of water can lead to excellent orgasms.

4. Spatula

If you are in the mood for some spanking game, then you can grab some spatula from your kitchen. Make sure that the spatula that you will use is made of rubber or silicone. If it is not available, a wooden spatula can also do the trick.

5. Fruits and vegetables

Some fruits and vegetables can be used as a sex toy alternative. For instance, a banana peel can be used as a masturbation sleeve. If you want to try this, just cut a small slit in the skin and tip of the banana. Then take out the majority of the banana. Lastly, slide the peel over the shaft. For added sensation, you can heat up the banana before using.

Other fruits and vegetables that can be used for penetration are cucumbers, zucchini, carrots and Japanese eggplants. These are great choices since they resemble a penis. Just don’t forget to use a condom before inserting these items for safety purposes.

There are also some medium-sized fruits that you can try. These include tomato, plum and clementine. Just roll it over the clitoris for some fruity stimulation.

6. Electric toothbrush

The gentle vibrating sensations of an electric toothbrush can provide spectacular shivers all over your body. You can simply lay the vibrating handle on your labia. The sensations are just as exciting as any other vibrator.

7. Cell phone

Any mobile phone surely has vibrating features. With that, you can definitely turn your phone into an instant vibrator. Simply download a free app with different levels of vibrating options and speeds. Then you can either rub it against your skin or use it for penetration. It is usually used with a protective layer or condom on top.

8. Hairbrush

The handle of a hairbrush is perfect to use for penetration for yourself or for your partner. Just inspect the handle beforehand if there are any sharp or pointy edges. To make sure that your delicate tissues will not tear, always go for a rubber handle. Moreover, use a condom to prevent infection. If you don’t want to use it for penetration, a hairbrush is also ideal for impact play.

9. Scarf or high-thigh stockings

You do not need to spend money to buy a fancy blindfold or handcuffs. Instead, you can use a scarf, stockings or even bra for your BDSM play. You can also experiment with different ways on how to turn up the heat in bed.

Moreover, these items can be used directly on your body during foreplay. You can do this by simply rubbing or dragging it on your skin to provide various sensations.

10. Spoon

Spoon is a common household item that can be utilised as a sex toy. Simply place its rounded bottom part on the clitoris. Then gently rub the spoon in a circular motion.

You can also use it during temperature play. Just soak it in a tub of hot water or place it in the fridge to make it cool. Make sure to wash it after using. Then store it separately once you’re done.


If you are planning for some hot erotic play but you’re running out of sex toys, why not try something fun and adventurous? These items listed above can do its job of making your sexual exploits a little more exciting. Although they are primarily created to perform other tasks, these items can definitely double as sex toys.

If you are interested to try out the real thing, then feel free to visit an online sex toy shop. They have a wide range of products available to cater to your specific needs.


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