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4 Things to consider when choosing the right condom

on October 05, 2020

If you want to prevent pregnancies and STDs, then you will need to use a condom during your intercourse. Condoms usually create a barrier to keep the semen and other bodily fluids from entering a woman’s body during sex.

For some, they believe that all condoms are the same. But the truth is, condoms are now available in different shapes and sizes. That is why choosing the right one for you can be a complicated process especially for first-timers.

Fortunately, this blog post is a guide to help you choose the ideal condom for your personal desires and preferences. Read more below.

1. How to measure up

One of the important things you should remember before picking a condom is to measure yourself. A small condom can obstruct your intimate scene. In the same way, a big condom can cause leakages and may slip during intercourse.

When it comes to finding the right size, always consider the girth. For first-timers, you can try the toilet paper roll test. To do this, take an empty roll of toilet paper. Then slowly insert your penis inside the roll. Make sure your penis is already erect. If you notice an extra space, then you can choose a slimmer fit of condom. If it fits perfectly, then go for the standard size. But if it’s very tight, then you must get a larger one.

If you want to be more specific, you can measure your penis using tape measure, ruler or meter stick. First, measure the size of your erect penis from the base to the tip. For the girth, gauge around the mid-point of the shaft using a tape measure.

2. Condom sizes

After you have your measurements, you can now choose your condom size. One of the things you must consider when selecting the condom size is the nominal width. This is usually found on every condom packet. Many people overlook this because they don’t know what it is. Nominal width is the width of the condom when it is laid flat. To determine your condom size, you have to double the nominal width in millimetres.

  • Small condoms

If you’re on the small size of condom, then don’t feel a little defensive. Some men could actually benefit from using a smaller condom. Some manufacturers also described small condoms as snugger fit. Small condoms typically have a nominal width of 45-50mm. This is perfect for men with a girth of around 100-112mm.

  • Regular condoms

This is the standard size for a condom. It is also the most common choice by men. Standard-sized condoms usually have a nominal width of 52-54mm. This condom will fit men with a girth of around 117-121mm.

  • Large condoms

Large condoms are specially made for men with bigger girth. Its nominal width ranges between 54-60mm. Other variants can also range up to 69mm. Meaning, a large condom can fit men with a girth of 121-135mm. Some of the largest condoms can even fit a girth of 155.25mm.

3. Condom thickness

Selecting condom thickness is a matter of personal choice for the wearer and their partner. Remember that the thickness of the condom can influence the sensation during sex.

Thinner condoms are ideal for those who want to feel every sensation. It usually imitates the feeling of wearing nothing. On the other hand, thicker condoms are perfect for those who wish to control their stimulation so that they can last longer.

4. Types of condoms

  • Latex, plastic and lambskin

The most common type of condom available today is made of latex. It is also a reliable choice for those who want to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

For men who are sensitive or allergic to latex material, you can use condoms that are made of plastic specifically polyurethane or polyisoprene.

There are also natural or lambskin condoms that are made from lamb intestines. However, this type of condom is not as effective as latex condoms. This is because they have small holes like the human skin.

  • Lubricated

Lubricant or lube is a thin coating of liquid that is sometimes found on the condom. Using lube can prevent pain and irritation during sex. Aside from that, it can help keep the condom from tearing or breaking. Using a lubricated condom can make sex more comfortable and less painful.

  • Spermicide

This condom has a special type of chemical that kills sperm. Basically, this condom can lower the risk of pregnancy. However, the amount of spermicide in some condoms is probably not enough to make a difference. Thus, for extra protection, you may need to buy a separate sperm-killing product. Make sure to look for the one with octoxynol-9.

  • Textured

Aside from the types above, there is also a textured type of condom. It can either be ribbed, studded or dotted. This type of condom can enhance the sensation and makes your experience more intense.

  • Flavoured

If you want to have oral sex with your partner but you are a bit reluctant, then a flavoured condom is for you. This is especially designed with flavoured coating that helps hide the taste of latex. This can make oral sex more enjoyable.


Getting to know the ideal condom for your body can make your intimate moments more intense and memorable. Choosing the right condom can also make a huge difference in your sexual routine. So use this guide to find your perfect match.

For now, feel free to browse high-quality condoms from your favourite online sex toy shop. They can provide you with all sorts of condoms and other sex toy accessories according to your needs.


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