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Guide to Sex Dolls

on September 06, 2021

Sex dolls are human-like sex toys that may consist of an entire body or just some parts of the body that is used for sexual stimulation. These sex toys usually come in many forms. But they are notable as sex robots designed to be used in various sexual interactions.

This sex toy is a great investment for single people and even for long-distance couples. This is because these dolls can provide companionship and sexual satisfaction anytime you want.

But with all the many variants of sex dolls today, how do you know which one is best for you? Fortunately, this guide is for those who are planning to buy their own sex dolls. Read on here to learn more.

Why use sex dolls?

Sex dolls are more mainstream now

Even long before, many people used sex dolls to satisfy their sexual urges. Although they were considered taboo in the past, sex dolls are much more accepted and used today.

Nowadays, a lot of people are bringing sex dolls into their bedroom routine. They are used by lonely individuals who want a companion and someone to hold at night. They are also used by widows and widowers to reinitiate and bring colour to their sex life.

Sex dolls do not nag

Since they are just dolls, they don’t complain about whatever you do to them. They are not rude when things don’t go their way. Aside from that, they don’t cheat, lie, nag, threaten or do anything that a real person can do. Sex dolls are the perfect companion if you want to get a little dirty and aggressive with your sexual routine.

They are safer

HIV and STDs are prevalent especially for those who have more than one sex partner. But with a sex doll, you don’t have to worry about getting these diseases. Just make sure that you clean your toy often. Moreover, you should not share it with your friends.

Types of Sex dolls

The number of options for sex dolls can be overwhelming for beginners. To give you an overview, here are the types of sex dolls that are available today.

Standard sex dolls

  • High-end Luxury sex dolls

This type of sex doll is usually made with meticulous care to provide the finest details possible. Manufacturers also make sure that the sex doll will be more realistic. Sex doll features such as breasts and vagina are highly well-contoured and lifelike. On top of that, smaller features like eyelashes, lips and internal vaginal walls are extremely realistic.

Since they are high-end, these types of dolls are usually made with high-quality medical-grade silicone material. Apart from that, the material is platinum cured. By curing silicone with platinum, oil will not allow to ooze out of the skin after some time.

Furthermore, the skeletons of high-end dolls are very sturdy. The joints are also strong and long lasting. This can allow this doll to hold its position and stand on its own.

  • Mid-range sex dolls

Mid-range sex dolls also have a realistic appearance like the high-end ones. However, its material quality and finer details may not be as good. Though you can still have a very realistic experience, your sex doll may not last long. Aside from that, there may be some imperfections on its details upon close inspection.

Mid-range sex dolls are often made from medium to low-grade silicone or TPE materials. Although TPE is a great material for sex dolls, it is less lifelike compared to silicone.

  • Entry-level sex dolls

These are sex dolls with small proportions. They are basically standing around 3 feet tall. Most entry-level sex dolls have Double-D cup breast size. For doll owners who want to go discreet, these cheap realistic toys are convenient to use. They are usually lightweight and easy to handle.

Fetish Sex dolls

These are sex dolls with enhanced features according to the user’s preferences. Here are some examples of fetish sex dolls. .

  • Big breasts – This is for men who prefer sex dolls with big breasts.
  • Big ass – If you want a big ass doll, then this one is for you.
  • MILF – These are mature and slightly chubby sex dolls.
  • Flat-chested – Although some men love big boobs, others may only prefer just a hint of boob.
  • Black or Dark-skin – These sex dolls basically have black or dark skin. These are usually designed for Asian people.
  • Celebrity – Men can make their fantasies come true with these celebrity dolls. These dolls look like famous celebrities.
  • Anime and Fantasy – For some men who don’t have a celebrity or porn star fantasy in mind, then this one is for you. These sex dolls are based on fictional characters or anything that describes your dream sex partners.

Sex doll alternatives

For those who are on a tight budget, these sex dolls alternatives are perfect for you. Sex doll torso is a common example of this. This type of sex doll only constitutes a pair of breasts, vaginal and anal openings.


Indeed, sex dolls can provide an unmatched erotic experience. When a sexual partner is unavailable or non-existent, these sex dolls can be an amazing alternative to help men and women deal with their loneliness.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of quality sex dolls, you can look for a sex toy shop online. They can also provide a wide array of sex toys according to your needs and preferences.


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