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Safety Guide to using Gags

on March 11, 2022

If you are into some kinks, then you might have considered using gags. A gag is a simple sex toy that is used during BDSM play. It restricts the wearer from speaking. This gesture can increase the feeling of submission.

Like any other BDSM accessory, you also want to know how to use a gag safely. To help you get started, here is a blog post on the safety guide to using gags. Read on here to learn more.

What is a gag?

A gag is a sex toy used for gagging and muffling a person from speaking. The gag is placed into the mouth to block the movement of the jaw.

A gag can provide a full feeling to the wearer. However, some people can be exhausted quickly when using this sex toy. In this case, it is crucial to pick an ideal size for you. On top of that, it is recommended to do some research on which type of gag you plan to purchase.

Types of gag

Ball gag

This sex toy is the standard mouth gag. It is made of a silicone or rubber ball with an adjustable leather strap. Wearing a ball gag can make you salivate. It also leaves the wearer unable to speak or even breathe using their mouth.

For beginners, it is advised to use a small and breathable ball gag. This can help you breathe easily as you get used to how the ball gag feels.

Bit gag

These are horizontal bars that are placed between the teeth. This type of gag has more breathability compared to a ball gag. You can also choose from a wide range of materials such as wood, silicone and metal. A silicone bit gag is ideal for newbies since it is more comfortable to use.

Lip gag

Lip gags can keep the wearer’s mouth open. It has a mouth expander and a hole in the middle. This can help the wearer breathe properly and make more audible noises.

Safety tips

To make your experience pleasurable and safe at the same time, here are some tips in using gags.

  • Using safe words and gestures

Safe words are an important part of any BDSM scene. It allows couples to let their partner know if something is wrong during their erotic play or if they want to let their partner stop.

But with ball gags, using safe words seems very hard. Nonetheless, there are still some ways to do it.

Check out these tips below and see which one works best for you and your partner.

Holding an object in your hands – Hold a ball that you can drop or anything that brings attention to your partner.

Repeated movement – You can do some repeated movement such as snapping your fingers, opening and closing your hands or moving your head up and down.

Repeated sound – Make a number of rhythmic grunts or noises that can be made even when you wear a gag.

  • Clear breathing

Gags can interfere with the breathing of the wearer. That is why you need to check your partner while wearing it. Never leave them unattended for longer periods. It is also recommended to use gags that hold the mouth open and no other barriers.

  • Safe position

One of the best positions when using a gag is the upright position. This can be either standing on both feet or with your knees on the floor.

  • Familiarising the sex toy

For first-timers and those who had jaw injuries before, you have to wear a gag for 10-20 minutes only. This is enough for your muscles to work up and familiarise how it feels on you.

As you use the sex toy, your muscles can become exhausted and less resilient. Hence, as soon as you feel any pain, take off the gag immediately.

  • Risk of having allergies

Gags usually go inside a person’s mouth. Thus, it is vital to know what material the gag is made of. This is to avoid allergies to the wearer. It is also important to discuss this matter with your partner before your play for your safety.

  • Colds and snuffles

You should skip using a gag if you have colds or any illness that causes you to have a blocked or stuffy nose. This is because it might lead to swelling of nasal passages and other serious problems.

  • Dental stuff

Always be mindful of which gag to use. Some gags won’t damage the wearer’s teeth. But there are also a few that can be bad for your teeth. Basically, you should avoid using gags that are made of metal especially if you have a dental filling or delicate teeth.


Using gags can give you a lot of fun during erotic play. They can give a different kind of excitement to couples. However, this sex toy comes in a few safety precautions. With the right preparation, these safety issues can be prevented. This safety guide can also help especially for Sbeginners.

If you are interested to try out this adult toy, you can check out an online sex toy shop. Aside from gags, they can supply other sex toys and accessories for your intimate play.


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