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Beginner’s guide to restraints

on April 06, 2022

Many people nowadays become interested to explore the kinky side of sex. This is because they are finding ways to satisfy their innermost desires. While others are looking for sexual satisfaction, some are just curious and want to try something new in the bedroom.

One of the kinky activities to try in bed is bondage play. But before trying this sexual act, make sure to have a restraint on hand. Using a beginner-friendly restraint is a good way to start bondage play. If you’re new to this sex toy, then read further to learn about restraints.

Types of restraints ideal for beginners

To make your bondage play exciting, you definitely need restraints. For beginners, here are the types of restraints ideal for you.

Soft handcuffs

Soft handcuffs are non-intimidating adult toys that are ideal for novices. They are usually padded to provide comfort to the wearer. The majority of these toys come with little clasps. This feature enables the user to grasp them to other cuffs, clasp them together or hook them to other restraint systems.


This is known to be one of the most versatile types of restraints. A bondage rope is totally different from the rope that you can find in the hardware. This is because a bondage rope is often made from soft polyester. This type of material makes this toy soft and pliable.

Pleasure tape

A pleasure tape is not the same as duct tape. They are different in the way they stick. A pleasure tape only sticks to itself while duct tape can stick anywhere. You can safely use pleasure tape on your partner’s body without ripping their skin when removing it.

Choosing bondage restraints

When you decided to try restraint for the first time, you might be overwhelmed when choosing which one to use. To help you select the right one, follow this guide below.

  • Select the size of the cuffs

Not all people have the same wrists and ankles sizes. So before purchasing restraint cuffs, it’s crucial to measure the size of your wrists and ankles. This is to know the exact size of cuffs that perfectly fits you.

  • Consider the possibility of escape

Restraint cuffs come in various designs. Certain cuffs have exceptional features that enable the user to easily get out. If you want this type of cuff, then opt for the one with Velcro fastening. On the other hand, if you enjoy the feeling of not being able to escape, then you should look for a cuff with locking buckles. Whatever type of cuff you prefer, make sure to have an escape plan for emergency purposes.

  • Choose a restraint set for beginners

For novices, it’s a good idea to opt for a restraint kit. This is because a set of restraints usually come at an affordable price. Apart from that, they contain several beginner-friendly toys. Each set may include a blindfold, wrist restraints, ankle restraints and leash. They may also contain impact play toys like floggers.

  • Know their special features

Certain bondage restraints come with special features. Some are crafted with extra padding. You can also find restraints that are made from waterproof materials like neoprene. A waterproof restraint is safe to use in the bathtub or pool.

Considerations before trying restraints

  • Communicate with your partner

Before trying out restraint, it is vital that the couples are at the same page. This means that both partners are willing to explore and experiment. Communication is also important to let you know if your lover is comfortable to try it.

Another crucial thing is to assign safe words. The safe word can be a word, phrase or gesture. This will serve as a signal to stop your partner from doing a certain act.

  • Don’t imitate the scenes in the movies

In some pornographic movies, you can see characters performing expert bondage scenes. You have to understand that those positions are being performed under supervision.

So instead of imitating them, just make your play slow. Start with the basic positions and use a restraint that is designed for first-timers. Moreover, it is vital to take your time to experiment and explore.

  • Understand tied up and tied down

When talking about sexual fantasies, you might come across words such as tied up and tied down. It seems that these two words are the same. But actually they are two words with distinct meaning. Learn their differences below:

Tied up – This means that a body part is being restricted. For example, your wrists are tied together.

Tied down – It means that your body or a body part is attached to something. Like for instance on a chair.

Things that you can do to a restrained partner

  • Once your lover is being tied down, you can do the following.
  • Perform oral sex.
  • If you’re into impact play, spank them with a flogger.
  • Penetrate them with your cock, a dildo or a butt plug.
  • Blindfold your partner.
  • Run an ice cube on your partner’s body.
  • Provide them a sensual massage.
  • Put edible creams on their body and lick it off.


Using a restraint is one of the best ways to make your bondage play enjoyable. However, beginners should take some time to research before trying this BDSM accessory. This is to learn more about this toy and select the one suited for your preferences. To help you start, this beginner’s guide will give you more insights about restraints.

Now that you already have an idea of what restraint to use, feel free to contact a trustworthy online adult toy shop. They can provide you with a vast range of restraints and other BDSM accessories.


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